What Does The Number 17 Mean In The Bible


The number 17 holds great symbolic significance for many, as it is seen as a symbol of hope and change. In the Bible, the number 17 is associated with both divine revelation and redemption. In the Hebrew language it can be translated to mean both ‘the sun’ and ‘the rising sun’.

In the book of Genesis, the number 17 is the number of the original creation, which God saw as ‘very good’. This suggests the number is seen in a positive light. In the New Testament, the book of Revelation mentions 17 as the number of the Lamb’s four living creatures. In this context, it is seen as a number of ultimate redemption and spiritual perfection.

17 also appears in the Book of Revelation where it says, “And so he who had come down from heaven, the Lamb of God, gave himself as a sacrifice for the sins of the world and set in motion the redemption of mankind by 17 seals.” This suggests that the number is seen as a symbol of hope and of the importance of faith in the power of God to help and save man.

The number 17 is also seen in Jewish and Muslim traditions as a symbolic number of faith, trusting in the power of God to help and redeem us. The number is often linked to one’s journey of spiritual and personal growth – a journey towards purity and spiritual perfection through faith.

Numerical Meaning

The number 17 is a prime number, which means it has no other factors besides itself and one. This suggests that it is a powerful, standalone number – a symbol of strength and independence. It is also a triangular number, which suggests stability and growth. Its numerical representation is said to symbolize new beginnings.

In numerology, the number 17 is associated with ambition, optimism and personal growth. It is said to be related to success in one’s endeavors and is said to bring guidance and help in one’s path towards personal fulfillment. It is also seen as a symbol of freedom and self-expression.

The number 17 is also said to represent spiritual maturity. It is said to be a sign of inner strength and the ability to stay focused on one’s goals. In numerology, it is the number of the highest spiritual plane, and is associated with great power and wisdom.

In Ancient Greece, the number 17 was believed to represent the immortal gods, while in many Christian countries, the number is associated with Jesus and Mary. In Hinduism, the number 17 is seen as a symbol of spiritual progress and enlightenment.

Significance in Pop Culture

The number 17 has made its way into popular culture, appearing in art, literature, and film. In literature, especially through the works of the Brothers Grimm, the number 17 is a symbol of luck and optimism. In film, the number 17 has been featured in various classic films, from The Matrix to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

In the music world, the number 17 has appeared in numerous songs, from “17” by Bowie to “17 Again” by Eurythmics. In the video game Sonic The Hedgehog, the number 17 is a secret level in the game. It also appears in the tarot as the Star card, a card of hope, faith, and spiritual insight.

In the world of sports, 17 is an integer frequently seen in racing. It is the age at which many NASCAR drivers become eligible to compete in their first race, and it is also an important number in other motorsports such as Formula 1. It is also seen as the number of spots on a football team, and is the jersey number of countless athletes throughout various sports.


17 is a significant number in the Christian faith as many believe it to have been the age at which Jesus was when he was presented to the people by John the Baptist. It is seen as a number of mercy and divine revelation. In the Old Testament, the word “seventeen” is used seventeen times, often to signify the duration of a particular affliction or event: the flood (Genesis 7:24), plague of hail (Exodus 9:25), Egyptian plagues (Exodus 9:35).

In the New Testament, the number 17 may appear in the Parable of the Hidden Treasure (Matthew 13:23- 25). It is seen as a symbol of spiritual redemption and is also a number mentioned throughout the book of Revelation (Revelation 11:17). It is also seen as a number of heavenly mercy and the way to salvation, which Christ brings to us.

The number 17 is connected to many spiritual teachings and religious texts, through which it is understood to be a symbol of faith, hope, and redemption. It is seen as a metaphor for the spiritual journey, one of learning, growing, and achieving spiritual perfection.


In astrology, the number 17 is associated with personal growth, purification, and self-reflection. It is believed to be related to the creation of spiritual harmony and balance. The number 17 is connected to the planet, Saturn, and is seen as the representation of the planet’s energies. It is believed to be related to the honest examination of life, personal growth, and the understanding of our true nature.

It is said that the qualities associated with the number 17 can help one to reach their highest spiritual potential. In astrology, it also represents enlightenment and transformation, as well as the soul’s desire to connect with the divine.

17 is a powerful number in the metaphysical world. Its associations with spiritual progress and enlightenment have made it an important part of spiritual traditions and teachings throughout the world. By understanding the many meanings attached to this number, it can provide insight and guidance on one’s spiritual journey.


The number 17 can offer psychological insights into the functioning of the human mind. It is believed to be connected to the ‘Fight or Flight’ response, which guides our thinking and behavior in difficult or intimidating situations. 17 is also associated with creative problem solving, as it is said to represent the capacity to look at a problem from multiple angles before coming up with solutions.

The number 17 is also associated with the human capacity to learn. This includes our ability to expand our understanding of the world through learning and discovery. It is said that the number 17 symbolizes the thirst for knowledge and the pursuit of growth in knowledge and understanding.

In terms of mental health, the number 17 is linked to emotional stability and resilience. It is seen as a number of hope and faith, as it is thought to symbolize our trust in the power to help us in times of difficulty. It is a reminder to us to never give up hope and to always have faith in the power of love.


The number 17 has a long and varied history, which is reflected in its meaning in both spiritual and physical terms. It is connected to divine revelation, personal growth, and spiritual maturity. In pop culture, the number has appeared in many works of art and literature, as well as in video games and sports. In astrology and numerology, it is a sign of hope, faith and spiritual insight. Finally, it is also associated with psychology and mental health, representing resilience, emotional stability, and the capacity to learn.

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