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Biblical History of Wedding Rings

The Bible doesn’t explicitly mention wearing a wedding ring, however, early believers associated rings and other symbols with the covenant between a man and woman. In the Old Testament, a woman expressed her commitment and faithfulness through the wearing of a nose ring. In the New Testament, this is expressed through the putting on of a signet ring. From these examples, we see that wearing of a symbol to represent wedding commitment was already a part of Biblical culture.
When God established the covenant between Himself and His people, it was traditionally represented through the wearing of the signet ring. It was a sign of recognition, authority and security. Therefore, rings have been a symbol of spiritual relationship and sacrificial love for centuries.
Today, wedding rings are symbols of love and commitment, expressing the promises each bride and groom make to each other in a Christian marriage.


In the Old Testament, the wearing of a ring was considered an acceptable practice in engaging and celebrating a marriage covenant. The most notable example of this is when God instructed the prophet Isaiah to give King Ahaz with a signet ring as a symbol of commitment to a particular treaty. Thus, wearing of a ring was seen as an outward display of obedience to God’s will and a sign of faithfulness and loyalty.
In Christian marriage today, a wedding is a celebration of the covenant between a husband and wife. The ceremony typically includes the exchange of rings, a symbol of the couple’s commitment and unity. That same ring becomes daily reminder to the couple of their faithfulness to each other and their shared commitment to God.


A wedding represents the beauty and grandeur of grace,
signifying a new beginning, a union of two souls and the physical and spiritual union of a man and a woman. To commemorate the union of two people into one, many couples choose to mark the occasion with a wedding ring.
This symbol of love acts as a constant reminder of the vows made before God, family, and friends and of the selflessness and commitment shared between the two people. The ring also serves to demonstrate that the couple is fully devoted to each other, no matter what comes their way.


Traditionally, wedding rings are made of gold, silver, or other precious metals. The ring’s precious metal symbolises its eternal nature and serves to represent both the exchange of life-long vows and a reminder of faithfulness. It is generally worn on the left ring finger as that finger is associated with the heart and symbolises the love shared between the couple.
Moreover, many couples may choose to etch each other’s name upon a heart or simple phrase such as ‘to have and to hold’ on the ring itself, adding a personal touch.

Biblical References

The Bible itself does not explicitly refer to the significance of a wedding ring. Nonetheless, the use of rings throughout the Bible serves as an example of God’s promise and covenant to His people.
The ninth, tenth, and eleventh chapter of the book of Ezekiel explicitly refer to Israel’s changing of rings, with Wedding rings being mentioned in the eleventh chapter, verse 18. Furthermore, many weddings throughout the Bible display the importance of both the commitment and marriage ceremony. In the book of Ruth, chapter 4 verses 8-12, The marriage between Boaz and Ruth is symbolic of the union between God and His people. In Genesis 2:22-24, Adam and Eve’s marriage is a display of the sacredness and commitment that should be displayed between two people.
The Bible also contains specific instructions to believers in regards to marriage. For instance, many scripture verses in the Bible remind Christians of God’s laws concerning marriage. 1 Corinthians 7:2, Ephesians 5:22-33 and Hebrews 13:4 all encourage readers to be honourable and faithful in their marriage relationships and also to remain devoted to their vows. These instructions are still relevant today and can still be seen being followed in many Christian wedding ceremonies.


Though not specifically mentioned in the Bible, wedding rings have become an important symbol in Christian marriages. As rings are tangible objects and not just words, their symbolism is even greater. Rings serve as a reminder of the unity and love shared between a husband and wife in accordance to that which is displayed in the Bible.
As such, this symbolism serves to humbly remind those who are engaged of the promises made and the strength it took for those promises to be made. Today, wedding rings allow individuality, meaning and personalisation within the couples marriage, a physical representation of the self-sacrifice and devotion that is part of the process of finding a lasting love.

Symbolism of God’s Love

While the Bible does not explicitly refer to wedding rings as symbols of a marriage covenant, numerous passages do speak of the symbol of a ring and its vital role in a marriage ceremony. Rings are a physical reminder of one’s commitment to their spouse and to God. Every time a believer looks at their wedding ring, they should be reminded of the obligations they have to their family and friends as they commit their lives to each other.
Moreover, rings are a symbol of unending love and devotion – the same kind of unending love and devotion that God has towards His people. As God has promised to never leave us nor forsake us, our wedding rings symbolise a reminder of this promise. They remind us of our commitment and love for each other, and of the perfect model which God has set for us.

Symbolic Representation

Wedding rings often have symbolic representations as well. For instance, the circle of the wedding band represents eternity and infinity, representing the everlasting and unconditional love shared between a husband and a wife. Along with being personally significant, the crafting of a wedding ring is a celebration of many cultures. Wearing a wedding ring has become an accepted and widely practised tradition around the world, celebrating the enduring love shared between two people.
With its history closely linked to the symbols in the Bible, the wearing of rings on a wedding day is often seen as a tribute to the love of Christ and a reminder of our commitment to that bond. It is a powerful reminder of the promises of commitment and the preservation of that commitment for a lifetime. It is a reminder of the promise of unity, the loyalty of faithfulness, and the assurance of everlasting love that God has placed in the hearts of humankind.

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