What Does The Bible Say About Psychics

What Does The Bible Say About Psychics?

Psychics, or spiritual advisors, have been a part of popular culture for centuries. They provide psychological, emotional, and spiritual guidance to those seeking advice and comfort. But what does the Bible say about psychics? This article will explore the scriptural references to spiritual advisors, and provide insight into the role psychics have played in guiding people through difficult times.

The Christian Bible, when read literally, is not approving of any type of psychic consultation. The Bible mentions a few different types of occult practice, including mediums, and warns against participating in any form of sorcery, divination, and contacting spirits. As such, most Christian denominations frown upon individuals consulting psychics or any other kind of diviner.

At the same time, the Bible expresses respect, compassion, and understanding for those seeking insight into their lives and personal struggles. It promotes the idea of seeking advice from others, especially from those who are spiritually wise. Furthermore, the Bible does not condemn those who have difficulties understanding their own circumstances and need assistance in interpreting the messages of God. In fact, the Bible encourages those who seek guidance to reach out to advisors who can offer understanding and illumination on matters of faith.

All of this suggests that while psychics are not encouraged in Christianity, the spiritual guidance they can provide may be beneficial to those looking for help understanding their destinies or those wishing to understand the greater messages of the universe. Psychics provide insights into the unknown, and provide an invaluable service to those who seek spiritual advice and comfort. Christians can now use psychics, so long as their guidance does not contradict their spiritual dogma.

It should be noted that psychics are not infallible and their predictions can prove to be inaccurate. Prudence, and a healthy dose of skepticism, should be exercised when relying on spiritual advice. Frustration can also set in if expectations are too high and success is not achieved. Ultimately, it is best to remember that psychics are intended to be facilitators of spiritual advice and should never replace or take precedence over one’s true faith.

Communication between the Spiritual and the Living

Traditionally, psychics have been used as a way of communicating between the spiritual world and the living. Spirit guides, deceased family members and even one’s Higher Self have all been contacted through spiritual advisors. Questions about love, family and career will sometimes elicit an answer from beings on the other side that otherwise would remain undiscovered. Many who seek guidance from a spiritual advisor are looking for guidance from the source itself, believing that their spiritual destiny can be revealed in the answers received.

One of the most powerful and unique aspects of a psychic consultation is the ability to use it to access past lives. Many believe that our life experiences are determined by something beyond the physical and that our soul carries with it lessons learned in previous lifetimes. A psychic is able to identify these past life relationships, lost loves, and lifetimes of journey, and provide a bridge between past and present.

The Bible has long taught the existence of souls and their evolution over lifetimes. It talks of the power of certain individuals to tap into spiritual forces and its wisdom is applicable to everyday life. When taken in a spiritual context, the Bible’s admonishment against occult practices can be understood as a cautionary message — to remind us to not take advice from entities we don’t understand.

The ultimate goal of a psychic session is to gain understanding of the self, to uncover hidden energies, and to expand one’s spiritual awareness. Psychic readings can offer insights into important decisions and relationship dynamics, as well as answers to lasting life questions.

Types of Psychic Readings

The most common type of psychic reading is the tarot card reading. Tarot cards have been used for centuries to gain insight into the future by interpreting the symbols on the cards and energies sensed by their reader. Every card depicts a story — from the Lovers, to the Tower — and provides insight into one’s life in that particular moment. Tarot readings are one of the most popular forms of divination.

Astrology is also another type of psychic reading. Astrology is believed to be the study of the relationship between the planets, stars and celestial events in order to make predictions about the future. Astrologers use the position of planets and specific constellations to make suggestions on how people should lead their lives.

Finally, there are a variety of psychic readings such as aura readings, pendulum readings, angel readings and dream interpretation. These readings offer insight into the unseen world, allowing us to connect to the energies of the universe. While some feel these readings are highly inaccurate, many have had success in uncovering messages from beyond the physical realm.

In Conclusion

It is important to understand that when consulting a psychic, one should keep their own faith and spiritual beliefs intact. While psychic readings may provide helpful insights and guidance, one should remain mindful of the potential for inaccurate predictions. In the end, it is best to use spiritual advisors for general guidance and information, rather than for specific advice that could impact one’s life.

Dangers of Psychic Readings

There are potential dangers of relying too heavily on psychic readings without knowledge of the spiritual world. It is possible to become caught up in the predictions of these spiritual advisors and follow their advice without properly understanding their meaning or spirit. This can result in feelings of guilt, emptiness, or even depression.

Psychic readings can also be used as forms of psychic manipulation or control. This can be a common issue in some relationships where one partner may use psychics to gain insight into the other’s thoughts and decisions. This form of psychic energy manipulation can lead to unhealthy power dynamics within the relationship.

In light of this, it is important to use caution when consulting with psychics. Those looking to receive spiritual guidance should only do so if they trust and respect the advisor they are consulting. Psychic readings are meant to be a tool to gain a better understanding of one’s spiritual path — but they should not be used as a way of controlling or manipulating one’s partner or life’s events.

Ethical Practices in Psychic Readings

When consulting a psychic, it is important to select a practitioner who abides by a code of ethics and practices responsible, holistic, and professional readings. Ethical spiritual advisors will be the first to remind their clients that they are the only ones who can control their own lives, and that psychics are not all-knowing oracles with answers to all of life’s questions. Furthermore, ethical spiritual advisors will also have limits regarding what types of questions and information they will provide.

For example, ethical psychics will not use their readings to predict the future or tell their clients what to do. Instead, they should use their readings to help their client come to an understanding of their own life and spirituality. They should provide their clients with the clarity and knowledge to make their own decisions based on the information they learn in their readings.

Understanding what the Bible has to say about psychics and spiritual advisors is key to making informed decisions. Although spiritual advisors are not always approved in some religious circles, they can provide a valuable service to those looking for guidance and deeper understanding. Respectful and ethical psychics should be sought when looking for answers, as the danger of misuse and manipulation exists in this field. In the end, it is important to remember that psychics are there to help us on our spiritual journey, not serve as a replacement for it.

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