What Does The Bible Say About Oral Sex

What Does the Bible Say About Oral Sex?

Oral sex can take place either before or during intercourse, and is a sexual activity enjoyed by a growing number of couples. The Bible does not directly address the issue of oral sex, so it largely depends on individual interpretations.

In the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, Leviticus 18:22 states, “Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.” This scripture is often used to argue against same-gender sexual relations, though it may have simply been a warning against the worship of pagan gods. Regardless, while this scripture doesn’t generally apply to heterosexual relationships, it shows a level of disapproval within the Bible towards same-gender oral sex.

In the New Testament, Paul wrote several anti-sexuality letters. The book of Romans echoes Leviticus’ feelings on same-gender relations, however he does not address heterosexual relationships. In Corinthians, Paul does imply that a husband should not deny himself to his wife, and therefore the absence of any mention of oral sex can be interpreted as an allowance from Paul.

The general consensus from those of different denominations is that as long as oral sex is done within the confines of a loving, monogamous, heterosexual marriage, then there is nothing wrong with it. Those who subscribe to a more progressive view may speculate that oral sex is actually encouraged in the bible as it is seen as a way to enhance the physical act of love between husband and wife.

Therefore, the bible doesn’t provide clear instructions on oral sex. It all boils down to personal beliefs and preferences. Ultimately, couples should make sure they’re both comfortable with the activity before participating.

God’s Fullness

The Bible provides a perspective on sex which includes emphasizing the blessings of it within God’s overall plan of marriage. This plan includes a one-flesh relationship of husband and wife, with few prescriptions and many promises. The couples that exemplify this plan can experience rich and beautiful fullness.

Sex within marriage is a joyful affair, with God’s blessing of growth, joy, and fullness. It is meant to be done in accordance with one’s conscience and physical pleasure shared, with mutual appreciation for one another. The Bible encourages mutual pleasure of married couples to be enjoyed, not denied. Intimacy of the body and soul are often encouraged and this includes speaking words of love, complimenting, touching and expressing one’s affection. Oral sex between a husband and wife, who are devoted to each other and practise a morally healthy lifestyle, can be a wonderful addition to their overall conjugal relationship.

Although not mentioned directly, the Bible does provide positive encouragement towards the growth of healthy relationships, physically and spiritually. This reinforces the fact that sex is not just for the purpose of procreation, but for profound pleasure and enjoyment of the union.

Natural Instincts

It is normal for a married couple to explore any kind of intimacy that pleases them both, and this should be seen as something to be nurtured not frowned upon. Oral sex is a normal and natural instinct and arousal of the genitals often leads to stimuli in relation to oral sex as it is an extension of manual sex. The husband and wife who are both comfortable with oral sex should not limit themselves and thus experience pleasure to the fullest within their marital union.

Partners should be increasingly aware of the pleasure they can experience with oral sex and thus not limit or restrict their physical and emotional love for each other. Through communication and understanding the couple can appreciate their intimacy to the fullest and such can help rekindle their relationship and help the couple grow even closer.

The Bible does not directly address oral sex between husband and wife but does provide a positive outlook for couples towards marital relations in general. Couples themselves should decide what is best for their relationship, as long as it is within their morals and beliefs. The bible should not be seen as a definitive guide to sex but rather as an outline for one to appreciate the beauty and sanctity of marriages.

Promoting Holiness

God shapes us to be holy through our physical relationships and the Bible expresses God’s view for the couple to be ‘one flesh’ in a joyous relationship. It is natural for married couple to explore any kind of intimacy that pleases them both, and sex is a beautiful gift that when used responsibly can encourage holiness and beauty. The Bible calls us to submit to our partner and honor each other with sincere selflessness and understanding. This should be a part of the foundation of a loving relationship and this encourages the couple to treat each other with honorable intentions.

Ultimately, it is for the couple to discuss and decide on whether oral sex is something they want to explore together. Respect and care for each other should be at the forefront of everything they choose to do in the bedroom. As in any sexual activity, communication and consent should be of paramount importance and no one should be coerced or forced to do something they don’t feel comfortable with.

Oral sex can be a rewarding experience for the couple to have a deeper intimacy and connection. The couple should always continue to remind each other of the importance of mutual respect, both in and outside of the bedroom. This should promote a strong and long-lasting marriage of holiness and purity.

Physical and Spiritual Unison

Having a physical relationship is a great way to provide a strong foundation for an unbreakable spiritual bond. We can understand from the Bible how sex within marriage should be conducted: with a due amount of love, respect, joy and pleasure. The Bible states that physical relation can be a symbol of unity between husband and wife, for it is expressed through the union of two people. The couple are encouraged to strive for oneness and to be one in mind, body and soul. This is due to the power sex has to unify two people in a powerful and spiritual way.

Having an open conversation with one’s partner can lead to an even deeper connection, and the couple should not feel inhibited when it comes to exploring physical intimacy with each other. This should lead to a beautiful experience between husband and wife, one that will deepen and strengthen their relationship and thus, no matter the choosing of activities, it should be one of safety, honesty and respect.

The Bible doesn’t explicitly mention oral sex between husband and wife, but it clearly states that they should serve and honor each other in love. Therefore, the couple should always talk and decide together on what activities they may explore and what is best for their relationship. As long as it’s within their morals, oral sex is just one of many acts that can bring as much pleasure and joy as any other.

Marital Deepening

The intensity and level of physical pleasure couples experience in their marital relationship often is neutralized when mental, emotional, and spiritual intimacy is missing or in discord. The Bible encourages couples to have conversations that enable intimate and vulnerable interactions, by helping each other become unstuck in areas with unmet needs, wounds, misunderstandings, and experiences.

This visualization will help couples to open up to each other, and to practice communication about their needs and boundaries for physical intimacy, including oral sex. Allowing the couple to learn each other’s responses to the level of intimacy, can help build trust, security and emotional understanding for both.

Most married couples do not explore marital intimacy more deeply, because of worries, emotional labor, or too much self-focus, when it should be a pleasurable and beautiful bonding experience. Growing through conversations and understanding each other’s emotional needs related to sex, helps couples to mutually discover areas of their relationship they are yet unknown or not significant enough to focus on.

The Bible encourages couples to deepen and strengthen their relationship through understanding each other’s emotional needs and expectations. Whether couples decide to engage in oral sex or any other form of intimacy, they should take time to get to know each other’s desires, both intrinsically and physically, as well as being open to talks expressing them.

Getting in Tune

Couples must always pay attention to each other, so both partners can become more receptive and fulfil their needs. This can be done through stimulating each other’s imagination and exploring each other’s fantasies, as this will help them to better understand each other and to become more responsive to their partner’s unspoken cues.

Through communication and listening to each other genuinely, a couple can deepen their level of connection and understanding, building trust and security in the relationship. This helps couples to become open and adventurous in exploring their mutual physical needs, including oral sex.

Focusing on communication, no matter the level of intimacy, helps couples to practice speaking each other’s language, to inhabit the answer before the question is asked. This can break the cycle of guess and check that often holds couples in frustrating experiences of disconnection and misunderstanding.

Oral sex is just one form of many intimate acts couples can explore in their physical relationship. The Bible doesn’t explicitly mention it, and it highly depends on individual interpretations, morals and beliefs. It is important for couples to have an open and honest conversation about it, ensuring that both parties are comfortable with it.

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