What Does The Bible Say About Medium

Biblical History of Mediumship

The Bible has been a source of inspiration, instruction, and comfort to many people for centuries. It is no surprise then that many have sought comfort in what the Bible has to say about mediumship, or psychic communication with the spirits of the dead. Throughout the Bible, there are mentions of mediumship, both sanctioned and unsanctioned.
One example can be found in the Old Testament when Saul, a king of Israel, visits a medium, who brings him back to life. Although Saul serves as an example in the Bible of a sanctioned use of mediumship, this practice is generally frowned upon by the church. Mediumship is said to be a mutation of demonic and angelic powers, rather than one of faith and prayer, and as such, many believe it is deemed unholy by the Bible.
In the New Testament there are multiple references to mediums and psychics. The Bible often speaks of the dangers of being in contact with spirits, warning readers to be wary of them and use discernment when engaging in activities that involve the supernatural.

Modern Mediumship Practices

Despite the warnings found in the Bible, modern mediumship practices are rising in popularity in many parts of the world. Mediums use a variety of tools and methods to communicate with spirits of the dead including tarot, astrology, numerology and spirit communication. According to some, these methods are acceptable forms of prayer and meditation, allowing those seeking contact with the other side to seek spiritual guidance from the beyond.
These new age mediumship practices have sparked debate within the Christian community, as some believe them to be incompatible with faith in Christ. While it’s true that many view mediumship with a degree of skepticism and fear, there are some that argue that modern mediumship can be beneficial and even called upon in prayer and meditation.

Spiritual Implications of Mediumship

The spiritual implications of mediumship are difficult to define. On one hand the practice of communicating with the spirits of the dead presents a certain level of spiritual vulnerability that can leave those who practice it open to danger, harm, or even demonic possession. On the other hand, it can provide a connection to the spiritual realms that can be both healing and comforting.
Many Christians believe that communication with the dead is strictly forbidden. But there is a growing movement within the Christian faith that believes it is possible to converse with the dead in a way that is both safe and spiritually beneficial. By seeking out experienced mediums who understand the importance of emotional, physical and spiritual safety, it is possible to use the practice of mediumship as a way to connect with the spiritual world.

The Power of Prayer

Regardless of your view on mediumship, it is important to remember that prayer is a powerful tool for communicating with the spiritual world. The Bible is full of stories which exemplify the power of prayer and testimony to its ability to connect us with our creator and provide spiritual guidance.
Using prayer to guard against the dangers of mediumship is essential, as it is the only sure-fire way to ensure that the spiritual encounter that you have is spiritually beneficial and not dangerous. No matter what your views on mediumship are, prayer can provide a safe and secure way of communicating with the other side, without the risk of harm.

Physical Implication of Mediumship

The physical implications of engaging in mediumship can vary widely depending on the spiritual experience that one encounters. Negative energy can be perceived as physical sensations, which can leave one feeling drained, frightened and even physically ill. Other physical signs can include dizziness, tingling in the extremities, and changes in temperature.
Those engaging in mediumship should make sure to set clear boundaries and prepare for the experience by grounding themselves with prayer, meditation and spiritual protection. Additionally, some practitioners use physical tools such as smudge sticks, candles, incense and herbs as an extra layer of protection.

Psychological Implication of Mediumship

Engaging in mediumship can also have profound psychological implications. There is a risk of being taken advantage of by spirit entities which may attempt to manipulate or control the spiritual experience. Additionally, it is possible to become unbalanced by spiritual energy, causing emotional distress and confusion. It is essential to maintain a healthy approach to the practice and ensure that one has access to psychological support and resources should the need arise.

Moral Implication of Mediumship

The moral implications of mediumship are complex and can vary depending on one’s spiritual beliefs and interpretation of the Bible. Generally speaking, it is important to ensure that the spiritual experiences that one encounters are beneficial and pure in nature. Mediumship should be seen as a form of communication, rather than a tool for contacting the dead, and should be approached with caution and discretion.

The Influence of Religion on Mediumship

Religion plays an important role in how one views and understands the practice of mediumship. Many religions view the practice as blasphemous, and some even go as far as to condemn it entirely. On the other hand, some New Age religions view it as a path to spiritual enlightenment. Ultimately, the decision is up to each individual to make for themselves.

The Electrical Dimension of Mediumship

The physical, psychological, moral and spiritual implications of mediumship are incomparable. In addition to these considerations, however, there is also the issue of the electrical dimension. Mediumship is sometimes done using digital technology, such as the internet or social media platforms. This has the added concern of security and privacy, as the transmission and reception of spiritual messages is vulnerable to interference from outside sources.

Understanding the Nature of Spirituality

Ultimately, the practice of mediumship is a personal decision for each individual. It is important to take the time to understand the nature of spirituality and research the many different forms of mediumship before engaging in the practice. It is also essential to ensure that the spiritual experiences encountered are positive and beneficial, as the dangers of negative energy are real and present. With an open mind and an understanding of the moral and ethical implications, mediumship can be a powerful tool for connecting with the spiritual world.

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