What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality Jw.Org

What The Bible Says About Homosexuality Jw.org

The Bible speaks directly to the issue of homosexuality. According to JW.org, the Bible’s position is that God declares same-sex relations to be wrong. It states that any sexual activity outside of marriage is a sin.

The Bible does not provide a detailed justification for why it considers same-sex relations to be wrong. However, it does make reference to some of the reasons why God condemns such relationships. For example, it talks about people engaging in wrong sexual behaviour and rebellion against God.

The Bible also states that God specifically intended marriage to be between a man and a woman. It states that homosexual relations are against God’s plan and are contrary to his nature. This view is reinforced by biblical passages that cite examples of people engaging in wrong sexual behaviour, such as those in Sodom and Gomorrah.

In addition to a Scriptural condemnation, JW.org warns that same-sex relations can carry health risks. It cites a study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which found an increased risk of HIV, other Sexually Transmitted Diseases and even some types of cancers when engaging in same-sex relationships.

JW.org also points out that, since same-sex relationships are contrary to God’s plan, they carry legal implications. Not only in states where same-sex marriage is banned, but also in countries where it may be legal, such as the United States. Here, even states that recognize same-sex marriage still do not consider it as a legitimate form of marriage under their laws.

The Bible also speaks of the effects of engaging in same-sex relations. It warns that they can lead to spiritual and psychological harm. The Bible also states that engaging in such behaviour will lead to eternal condemnation.

Ultimately, JW.org makes it clear that the Bible strongly condemns same-sex relations and those who engage in them. It is important to note, however, that it is not God’s will that those who are attracted to same-sex relations should suffer for being “different”. Rather, it is His will that those who struggle with such desires should receive compassion and understanding from others.

What Homosexuality Says About Us

The Bible’s stance on homosexuality says a lot about us as mankind and our beliefs. It speaks to the core values of basic decency, respect, and morality that, according to many people of faith, should be upheld and maintained by everyone.

It is these core values that have guided individuals and civilizations throughout much of our history. They are the same values that have given us laws and protections, and they are also the same values that many of us hold on to when we choose to reject something, such as same-sex marriage and other forms of communication.

Regardless of where we stand on the issue, the Bible’s stance serves as a reminder that we should not normalize activities that are considered sinful in the eyes of God. It also serves as a guide for how to conduct ourselves while engaging in and discussing our beliefs, or the beliefs of others.

In some cases, such as when we are faced with people who are different from us and have beliefs that may be contrary to our own, we should remember to show respect for their opinions and beliefs, regardless of our own personal views. The Bible serves as a reminder to do this, and to recognize and value the fact that different people have different beliefs.

The Bible’s stance on homosexuality also serves as a reminder that certain activities are not considered “normal” or “right” and that there is a standard of behavior that should be maintained in the eyes of God. While it is important to recognize different opinions and values, we must also realize that there is a standard of conduct that should be kept, even if we disagree with it.

How Should We Respond To Homosexuality?

It is important to remember that we all have to take responsibility for our actions, regardless of what the Bible says about homosexuality. We should, therefore, strive to be compassionate when expressing our beliefs and opinions, even if we are in opposition to someone’s lifestyle. We should also be aware of our own behavior and the choices we make.

When it comes to the issue of homosexuality, we should consider our words and our actions carefully. We should seek to provide people with the help that they need, rather than rejection or judgment. We should also make sure that we are being respectful and compassionate when discussing the topic.

In addition, when talking about or engaging in our beliefs, we should do so in a peaceful and lawful manner. We should avoid violence or hatred in any form. We should also ensure that we are not discriminating against others based on their beliefs.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that, regardless of what the Bible says, no one should have to suffer from hatred or judgment. We should all strive to be understanding, accepting, and respectful of others, even in cases where our beliefs differ from theirs.

How To Cope With Homosexuality

It can be difficult for individuals who identify as homosexual to cope with their identity in a society where their beliefs and lifestyle may be considered wrong or unacceptable. It is important to remember that no one should be made to feel ashamed or embarrassed for having different beliefs or attractions.

Individuals who are struggling with their identity should be able to seek support and understanding from their family and friends. Further, it is important to remember that those who identify as homosexual have the right to be listened to and respected, regardless of differences in beliefs or opinions.

It is also important to remember that individuals should never be made to feel guilty for struggling with their identity. Instead, they should be given support and the opportunity to find acceptance within their community or social network.

Individuals can also find support by seeking out counseling and therapy, which can help them to cope with their identity and integrate it into their lives in a healthy way. There are also support groups and organizations that can offer assistance and guidance.

In the end, it is important to remember that no one should ever be forced to suffer in silence or feel isolated because of their homosexual identity or orientation. Seek out support, make use of the resources that are available, and know that you are not alone.

How Homosexuality Affects Us

It can be difficult to have conversations about homosexuality due to the beliefs and opinions held by different members of society. Homosexuality has become an increasingly accepted topic of discussion, as more people are now more accepting of different orientations and beliefs.

Still, it is important to recognize that conversations about homosexuality can be divisive, even among those who hold similar beliefs. These conversations often contain strong opinions and emotions, whether positive or negative, which can make it difficult for members of society to empathize or understand one another.

It is also important to be aware that, even as acceptance has increased, there are still those who struggle with or are uncomfortable with the topic of homosexuality. We must be respectful of these individuals and their views, being mindful of how it may affect those around them, while also making sure that they know they are not alone and that their beliefs are respected.

Overall, it is important to remember that dialogue and respect play a large role in how society views homosexuality. We must strive to create an environment where different beliefs can exist without judgment or exclusion. In doing so, we can create a more open and tolerant society for all.


The Bible’s stance on homosexuality is clear – it is wrong and not part of God’s plan. However, it is important to remember that there are still many people who struggle with their identity, as well as those who are uncomfortable discussing the matter. We must strive to create an open and understanding environment and show respect and compassion toward those with different views.

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