What Does The Bible Say About Gambling And Lottery

<h2>What Does The Bible Say About Gambling And Lottery</h2>
<p>At its core, gambling involves risking something of value (usually money) with the aim of winning something of lesser or greater value. Many religions, including Christianity, view it as wrong because it promotes the belief of ‘get rich quick’. Furthermore, it employs luck which battles faith.</p>
<p>The Bible constantly warns against gambling and dice playing, cautioning believers to be very careful when dealing with sinful activity. Proverbs 13:11 encourages us to live within our means and not take part in gambling. Proverbs 15:27 further warns us to stay away from gambling and lottery, noting that it depletes our resources instead of increasing it.</p>
<p>The general consensus among scholars is that the Bible does not condone gambling because it can lead to overindulgence and addiction, which in turn can lead to financial ruin and detrimental effects on relationships.</p>
<p>For Christians, it’s important to remember that if we don’t have money, either from income or savings, then we shouldn’t buy into the lottery or gamble in any form. While it’s technically not sinful to purchase a lottery ticket, it’s putting an unnecessary temptation in front of ourselves, and it can’t be a wise stewardship of our money and our life.</p>
<p>Seeking a ‘quick’ way to make money often has devastating effects, both emotionally and financially, and goes against the biblical principle of hard work and stewardship of the resources provided to us.</p>
<p>A life spent gambling is also a life spent in rebellion against God and His plan for our life. God has called us to be good stewards of all that we have, and gambling undermines that stewardship. So, if we have the urge to gamble, the best thing is to turn away from it, remembering that God does not approve of the practice and has instead called us to a higher standard.</p>
<p>Gambling and lottery alternatives should not be ruled out altogether as donating money to charities and studies, for example, can be part of a godly money management plan. Gambling and lottery money should not be used for shows of generosity or placed at risk of loss.</p>
<h2>An Understanding of the Effects of Gambling and Lottery on Believers</h2>
<p>Out of the entire Christian population, a significant number of believers are undecided about what exactly the Bible says about gambling, causing a wide divide in terms of opinions and beliefs.</p>
<p>However, it is important to gain a stronger understanding of the biblical perspective and the hidden effects it can have on believers. Gambling and the lottery can lead to the manipulation of society, resulting in a rise in poverty and void economic systems, as well as increases in addiction and other mental health problems.</p>
<p>In addition, plans of progress tend to be neglected and overruled in favour of profit and ways to make money more easily. Gambling and lotteries, when relied on in isolation, are often non-existent businesses that rely on probabilistic remuneration and the notion of a ‘get rich quick’ fix.</p>
<p>In Genesis 1:28, we are reminded of the commandment given to man. To multiply, replenish, and subdue the earth, requiring a continuous effort, diligence and hard work. The notion of making money without any efforts likened to gambling and the lotteries go against this commandment as it can send the wrong message to believers, which can lead to them making earlier-than-planned investments or taking unwise financial risks.</p>
<p>Gambling and lottery successes are often temporal, causing a state of deception when the initial financial reward runs out. Therefore, believers must be wary of the lure of quick money and its accompanying effects, and instead, focus on appropriate ways to make a living, such as reliable jobs, investments and giving to the community.</p>
<h2>What Are The Biblical Alternatives to Gambling and Lottery?</h2>
<p>The Bible encourages believers to develop wisdom in common life principles, and it is important that believers seek to abide by acceptable principles and seek out work that aligns with their values.</p>
<p>Matthew 25:14-30 affirms this, as it is an example of Jesus teaching about responsibly using time, talent, and money. The parable centres around the owner of a financial estate and three of his servants offering up suggestions on what to invest in and with clear instructions, the owner gives rewards to those who followed directions and punish those who acted on their own impulses.</p>
<p>As of such, it is important for believers to note that gambling can lead to undesirable and often irreversible consequences. Instead, seeking out biblical alternatives is the way forward. </p>
<p>One such alternative would be to make a conscious effort to give back to the community. Christians are called to make a difference in the world and by tithing, providing assistance to the needy, and engaging in charitable activities, believers can choose to provide resources to those in need instead of relying on luck to gain larger rewards.</p>
<p>Serving the church and evangelism are also other viable alternatives that are in line with the teachings of the Bible. As Ecclesiastes 2:10-11 notes, we should find ways of using the resources God has blessed us with for His name’s sake, instead of pursuing our own interests.</p>
<h2>The Power of Prayer in Avoiding Gambling and Lottery</h2>
<p>James 5:13 encourages believers to seek help from God when dealing with the sins of gambling and lotteries, and thereby accept the help God offers us in empowering us to make the right decision.</p>
<p>The power of prayer can help ward off the temptation of gambling and lottery, particularly as prayer favours spiritual strength and a solid relationship between believers and God. Jeremiah 33:3 implies that our ways are not God’s ways, and therefore, prayer is a direct way to receive individual guidance.</p>
<p>Prayer offers us the space to ask God for wisdom and discernment, and when we commit ourselves to this, we can avoid a lot of possible pain and destruction associated with gambling. Prayer allows us to connect with God, and see things from His perspective. This type of closeness to God will help build an understanding of His will, and as of such, bring an end to any reliance we may have on gambling and lotteries.</p>
<h2>The Connectivity of Believers in Bringing an End to Gambling and Lottery</h2>
<p>The power of Believers as a connectivity to one another can also be beneficial when it comes to avoiding gambling and lottery.</p>
<p>Believers should support each other in areas of faith, prayer, and love, and through innovation, believers should work together to create long-term solutions for individuals who have been negatively affected by gambling and lotteries, such as potential poverty and addiction.</p>
<p>Within our Christian circles, we can look to Galatians 6:2, as it commands us to carry each other’s burdens. We can bring support to those dealing with addiction and struggling mentally, emotionally, and financially by understanding their needs, and coming alongside them to lead them out of it.</p>
<p>Another important aspect of the community aspect is church-led initiatives. Churches need to highlight the dangers of gambling and lottery while offering a range of resources to those who are in need of assistance.</p>
<p>Finally, prayer including intercessory prayer, corporate prayer and communal hymns can also be used to come together as Believers and combat gambling and lotteries posed on society – reminding us that ‘we are not of the world’, and that prayer is a metaphorical ‘shield’ which protects us from temptation.</p>
<h2>The Positive Power of Responsibility and Wisdom When It Comes to Gambling and Lottery</h2>
<p>Gambling and lotteries can typically lead to pain, suffering, and addictions, however, with wise decisions, it is possible for believers to use such systems for good.</p>
<p>The power of responsibility and wisdom should be used in the right way, so that believers are in line with their faith and at peace with God. </p>
<p>As Proverbs 13:11 notes, believers should strive to become self-sufficient and not rely on luck if we don’t have the necessary funds to purchase lottery tickets. Trusting in God is far better than relying on luck, and by investing our time, talents and money in wholesome activities, believers can ensure their prosperity.</p>
<p>The book of Proverbs is especially abundant in cautioning against lottery and gambling, and by taking the pragmatic advice noted throughout, believers can live a life of responsibility and heed life-long lessons in the path of wisdom and grace.</p>
<h2>The Presence of Enjoyment and Temptation in Lottery and Gambling</h2>
<p>For some, the presence of enjoyment and satisfaction is the main driving point for their involvement in gambling and lottery activities.</p>
<p>However, it is important to recognise that gambling is not only a form of entertainment, but it is also a strong temptation. Lust for gain can become a clear aim in gambling and lotteries, and with disproportionate chances of winning, temptations to build wealth quickly can lead to an overindulgence in such activities in the hope of becoming affluent.</p>
<p>Hebrews 13:5-6 advises us to be

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