What Does The Bible Say About Character

The Bible is one of the most influential books of all time and is filled with moral teachings that have shaped our modern society. When it comes to character, the Bible speaks not only of our personal choices, but of the attitudes and principles that shape our decisions. As we strive to be the best versions of ourselves, understanding the words of the Bible is an important task.

Character is an essential building block for developing a purposeful and meaningful life. The Bible speaks of the importance of partaking in good deeds, being humble, and fostering relationships with God and others. In Proverbs 22:1, it reads “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold.” This passage speaks to the importance of choosing conflict over compromise, restraint over reckless indulgence, and humility over pride.

The Bible also speaks to the importance of integrity. Abraham and Isaac are praised for the lengths they went to keep an agreement in Genesis 26:26: “Isaac reaped a hundredfold in the same year—the LORD had blessed him.” Even when faced with a slow reward, they were rewarded for their loyalty and will to do the right thing. In Proverbs 16:33, it reads “​The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord.” Showing God’s hand in every situation is a reminder that even when we think we have no control, our character is always revealed in the choices we make.

Highlighted in the 10 commandments, the Bible also speaks to the importance of righteousness. Exodus 20:13 specifically mentions the importance of not committing murder and “not coveting your neighbor’s goods.” This portrays the importance of exercising moderation and not letting one’s desires overtake one’s decisions. Forgiveness is another important trait of a righteous character. As Matthew 18:21-22 states, “Then Peter came and said to him, “Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven.” In other words, it’s important to rely on the mercy God offers rather than pass judgement on others.

In order to build and embody a character of strength and truthfulness, the Bible calls on us to seek help from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit checks our hearts, helps us make wise choices, and can alert us to danger. Acts 10:38 states “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. Jesus went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him.” With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can become closer to God and the manifestations of His love.


The Bible is filled with reminders to love unconditionally. God’s love for us is limitless and shows that He cares for us more than we can even begin to comprehend. John 3:16 specifically mentions God’s love for the world and how we should be agents of that love. The Bible says that love is the greatest gift we can give and that it surpasses all other gifts. Additionally, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 reads “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of

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