What Does The Bible Say About Blessings

What Does the Bible Say About Blessings?

The Bible has a lot to say about blessings, with verses in both the Old and New Testaments. The Bible speaks of God’s blessings in terms of protection, provision and anointing. It also speaks of God’s blessings as something that can be passed down to families and descendants. All of these concepts are connected to how we are blessed through the mercy of God.
In the Old Testament, Deuteronomy 28:1-14 provides regard to all of the blessings that the children of Israel can receive if they are obedient to God. This passage speaks of the land, protection, fruitfulness and more. The Lord promised in these verses to give Israel all that is promised for their obedience and faith in Him.
The New Testament echoes these same principles as found in Luke 6:38. Here, Jesus Christ speaks of the blessings that are waiting for those who are open to honoring God in their lives. He says that if they give they will receive, and if they forgive they will be forgiven. There is a clear message of reward here for those who follow God’s ways.
Modern day religious teachings also talk about the blessings that come from God. Most faith traditions agree that those who are devoted to God, His laws and His ways will be provided for, have happy families and will be welcomed into God’s Kingdom. Those who are in relationship with God are also promised that they are never alone and they will receive rewards beyond earthly matters.
The Bible can also offer direction on how to be blessed. Psalm 37:4-5 states that if we obey God and trust Him with our lives, then He will grant us what our hearts desire. This verse introduces an important concept in how we receive blessings, which is to be obedient to God and trust Him for His timing and plans for our lives.

Trust in the Lord

The Bible also speaks to the idea of trust in the Lord in many verses. Proverbs 3:5-6 gives us the instruction to trust in the Lord with all of your heart, not to rely on any human understanding. By trusting and relying solely on God, each of us opens ourselves up to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Him. When we have fully surrendered our hearts and minds to God and can let go of our anxieties and worries, we open ourselves up to receive God’s blessings and grace.
Psalm 55:22 also instructs us to pour out our hearts to the Lord, because He is our refuge and strength. When we are in a difficult situation and need help, it is God we can turn to. If we call upon Him, He will answer us and provide us with a solution that is in His best interest for us. He will also provide us with comfort and strength to help us through whatever tough situation we are facing.
Fully trusting in God does not only refer to trusting in His will and plans for our lives, but also in His promises and purpose for us. In Jeremiah 29:11, God promises to provide an unexpected path for us when we commit our lives to Him. When we completely surrender to God, He will send us down a path that is filled with joy, abundance and great blessings.

The Power of Prayer

The Bible talks about the power of prayer in many verses. James 5:15 talks about the power of praying for the sick and how they can be healed through the power of prayer. While the healing may not be immediate, this passage shows us that God is a God of miracles and He will answer our prayers if we call upon Him.
Matthew 21:22 also tells us to have faith in prayer and to believe in it. If we truly have faith and trust that God will do as He has promised, then He will answer our prayers. He will also reveal His will and plans to us, providing us with clarity and direction. Also, if we acknowledge Him in all of our ways, then He will make our paths straight.


The Bible also talks about our actions in relation to blessing. James 1:22-25 states that we must do more than just hear the word of God and forget it; instead, we must be doers of the word. We have to put into action what we have heard and proceed to carry out God’s instructions.
In Matthew 5:7, Jesus instructs us to be merciful so we too can receive mercy. Jesus also tells us in Luke 6:37 to be forgiving, as this will show that we are children of God. In fact, mercy and forgiveness both pave the path for us to receive more blessings from God.


The Bible also encourages us to tithe, or donate 10% of our income to the church each year. Malachi 3:8-10 talk about the importance of tithing and how God will provide those who tithe with an abundance of blessings. It also talks about how if we return to the Lord and tithe, He will provide us with protection and provision in return.
It is important to know that God will bless us even if we are not able to give a full 10% of our income. He is generous, and as long as we are honoring Him with whatever portion of our income that we can give, He will be faithful and provide us with the blessings that we need.

An Open Heart

Finally, the Bible speaks of an open heart as a critical part of being blessed. 2 Corinthians 6:3 talks about having a heart prepared to receive the blessings that God can offer us. To do this, we must have faith and be open to God’s direction and plans for us.
We must be ready to accept God’s gift of grace, mercy, peace and protection. By having an open heart, we invite God into our lives and open ourselves up to receive His abundance of blessings. When we do this, we can begin to experience the many wonders that God has in store for us.


The Bible speaks of humility in relationship to how we receive and understand God’s blessings. James 4:6 talks about not being arrogant and humbling ourselves before God, as He will lift us up. Ephesians 4:2 also states that we should be humble and gentle in our interactions and dealings with others, as this will bring favor to us.
Humility also plays a role in being an instrument of God’s will. Philipians 2:5-8 encourages us to have the same mindset that Jesus had in order to be blessed. In these verses, we learn that we should have a humble attitude and serve others. This means that we have to give our all in service to God and mankind in order to have an abundance of blessings.


The Bible speaks of how miracles are a direct result of being in relationship with God. In Luke 17:11-19, Jesus performs a miracle, healing ten lepers who had called upon Him for help. This passage shows us that if we call upon God and trust in Him, then He will perform miracles and provide us with blessings.
Acts 20:32 also talks about how God will provide abundantly to those who call upon Him, enabling them to do greater works and more than they ever thought possible. These verses show us that if we are devoted to God, rely on Him and trust in His timing, then He will bring forth blessings and miracles into our lives.


The Bible speaks to the concept of being blessed in countless ways. The main theme is to trust in God, call upon Him in times of need and have an open heart and humble spirit. We must have faith in His will, plans and promises for our lives, be obedient to His Word and put it into action, be generous with our tithing and forgiving with others. All of these practices will open us up to receive God’s blessings, grace and protection. We must be both patient and expectant in order for God to be able to release His blessings upon us.

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