What Does The Bible Say About Apostles Today


The biblical concept of apostle is one of the oldest offices in the Church. The Greek word ‘apaustos’ literally means ‘sent out’ and indicates a special message or mission from God. In the Bible, apostles were given a lofty role by God, performing daring and sometimes miraculous acts. So what does the Bible say about apostles today?

The Acts of the Apostles

In the Bible, the most famous group of apostles were the twelve that Jesus chose to accompany him during the ministry of Jesus. But the book of the Bible known as The Acts of the Apostles most clearly explains how the apostles’ roles continued after Jesus’ death.
The apostles were the only human vessels through whom the Holy Spirit could manifest itself to the world. Through them, Jesus sent messages to the nations, brought converts to faith, planted churches, and became the source of many miraculous signs and wonders. They preached boldly and without fear, even in the face of danger. They brought divinely inspired teachings that served to mold early Christian thinking.

Apostles Today

Today, the roles and responsibilities of apostles have shifted significantly. Although the nature of their mission and charisma remain unchanged, the scope of their activity has changed. While their role encompasses much more than just evangelism and spreading the gospel, their primary focus is still the nurturing of Christian faith and leading the Church into deeper truths.
Apostles today are responsible for leading, shepherding, and encouraging the Church in its development. They must provide spiritual guidance, both in teaching and practice, for the body of believers. They must also hold leadership meetings and provide direction for the spiritual development of the Church.

Qualifications for Apostleship

In order to qualify for the office of apostle, individuals must demonstrate certain qualities of faith, character, and service. In the New Testament, apostles were known for their courage, self-denial, courage to take risks, commitment to Jesus, and faithfulness to the Church.
In addition, they must also possess knowledge of God’s Word, which is essential for accurately discerning and teaching biblical truth. This is why apostles must be willing to study and understand the Scriptures in order to accurately lead and instruct the body of believers.

What God Requires of Apostles Today

Today, the fundamental duties of apostles remain largely the same as they were in the Bible. They must lead by example, set a good example for those in the Church, and fulfill the tasks assigned to them. They must be dedicated to teaching and to evangelizing, as well as being open to learning and receiving instruction and direction from God.
Apostles today must also be willing to sacrifice and serve the Church, just as Jesus did. They must be willing to remain humble and obedient to God’s plan, and be willing to accept their role as chosen representatives of God’s kingdom.

The Ongoing Role of Apostles

Today, apostles are still needed to provide leadership for the Church, but their primary function is no longer the same as in biblical times. Instead, they now serve as a bridge between the traditional teachings of the Bible and the modern-day Church.
They are there to help Church members and leaders understand the importance of biblical teachings and to apply them to the realities of today. Apostles must demonstrate their commitment to the Church by authoritatively teaching and disciplining its members, providing guidance and direction in the body of believers, and modeling a life of holiness and peace.

The Role of Apostolic Authority

In the Bible, apostles were granted special authority through which Jesus empowered them to perform miraculous signs and wonders. In the same way, apostles today must operate in a sense of apostolic authority in order to effectively lead and shepherd the Church. They must demonstrate the power of the Spirit through their words and example, inspiring and encouraging others to follow the path of God.
Apostles today must also lead with humility and courage, boldly proclaiming the Word of God and leading by example. Through the power of the Spirit, they must bring comfort and assurance to the Church, and lead it in the right direction.

The Power of Apostleship

The power of apostleship is evident in the many positive ways it can affect the Church and the world. Apostles provide the Church with an authoritative reminder of Jesus’ mission and the importance of his teachings. They also provide guidance, discipline and spiritual nourishment to the Church and its members.
Finally, apostles bring divinely inspired messages to a new generation, inspiring people to seek a closer communion with God and live a life of courage, holiness and peace. Through the power of apostleship, the Church can continue to grow, adapt and flourish in the modern world.

The Duty to Be an Apostle

Apostles are called to serve and minister to the Church, but they must also remain humble and full of trust. They must be willing to give up their rights and needs in order to serve the Church and its members.
Most importantly, they must be willing to love with fervor and commitment. As an apostle, their duty is to always put the needs of others before their own, and be willing to extend the love of Jesus to everybody they come in contact with.

How to Embrace Apostleship?

The modern Church is in need of apostles to continue the mission of Jesus and care for its health. Individuals who wish to embrace apostleship need to arm themselves with knowledge, sacrifice and courage.
Above all, they must always remember the true calling of an apostle: to bring the Word of God to the world and lead people to a relationship of love with Jesus. As apostles, we must be willing to take risks and take our place in His mission of love and justice.

What Are the Benefits of Being an Apostle?

Being an apostle comes with a great deal of rewards. It is a privileged position to be a representative of Jesus in the world and to share His teaching with others. It is also a great opportunity to inspire and strengthen the faith of others.
Finally, being an apostle is, quite simply, a blessing. Through our example and testimony, we can bring God’s love and grace to our brothers and sisters and build the Kingdom of God on earth.

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