What Does The Bible Say About Aliens

The Bible is full of references to extraordinary events, supernatural beings, and unknown mysteries. So it’s not surprising that many people have been asking the same question: What does the Bible say about aliens?

The word “alien” itself doesn’t appear in the Bible. But several passages do offer clues about their possible existence. For example, we can find several references to what some might call extraterrestrial beings or entities. In the New Testament book of Revelation, there are multiple descriptions of unusual creatures in heaven that could be interpreted as non-human life. In the Old Testament we can find the well-known story of Job in which God speaks of creatures called “sons of God” that had battle with other—presumably immortal—agents of goodness and evil.

Of course, debates still rage between biblical scholars and theologians as to if aliens or ET’s exist. Some people disagree that the Bible offers any evidence of extraterrestrial presence or activity. They argue that any reference to life forms beyond our world are simply symbolic. Others maintain that Biblical passages point to supernatural forces or beings that come from beyond.

Apart from its use in modern science fiction, the Bible does not overtly speak of aliens as many people think of them. The Bible offers clues and allusions, however, about supernatural entities in the universe. So the exact definition of an alien is open for interpretation.

The Bible does mention one major reference that some would say pertains to them. In the book of Genesis, the ancient text speaks of a spiritual species known as the “sons of God.” This could be interpreted as a reference to what we might call extraterrestrial beings. It certainly supports the belief that God created all kinds of supernatural creatures and that some of them are beings from beyond our world.

Whether we consider these creatures to be physical or spiritual is likely a matter of interpretation. Some take them to be eternally spiritual while others believe they are physical beings. Nonetheless, this reference in Genesis is often cited by believers who believe in aliens or ET’s.

How Do Aliens Fit in Our Modern Belief Systems?

The mention of aliens in the Bible can leave a lot of people scratching their heads. It can be hard to reconcile our beliefs about “other-wordly” life with a religious system such as Christianity. After all, most of us were taught from an early age that believing in aliens was taboo and even dangerous.

The truth is, however, that many Christians actually have a much later view that is consonant with Biblical teachings. We now believe that the universe is much larger than we had originally expected and that there may well be other kinds of life out there. To some, the theory of aliens existing doesn’t conflict with the Bible at all. They feel that it adds to the evidence of God’s creative power and that it fits into a larger narrative about the spiritual world.

This is not to say that there isn’t disagreement among believers. Those who interpret the Bible literally may dismiss many of the traditional beliefs associated with aliens. On the other hand, Christians who accept the fact of alien life as a possibility, but who also take seriously the implications that such creatures might pose for humanity, may still hesitate to embrace the notion of ETs living among us.

What Does the Bible Say About Good and Bad Aliens?

The Bible does offer some guidance about the potential for goodness and badness among creatures from beyond. In the book of Genesis, for example, the Creator warns us against mixing with “others.” This could be a reference to beings from beyond Earth, different from us in physical or spiritual ways.

The Bible also hints at superhuman values and powers. In Exodus, for example, we are warned to be wary of those with supernatural abilities, and to stay away from those who “magnify themselves above their fellows.” This could be a message cautioning us against trusting aliens with immense power or even God-like capabilities.

Regardless of whether such beings exist, it’s clear that the Bible offers a warning about their possible role in the world. We learn to be on guard against those who might seek to gain control over or dominate us. This could be a message against trusting power to certain individuals or groups, even though they may appear to come from beyond our world.

How Do We Evaluate Alien Presence in the Bible?

So how do we evaluate the presence of aliens in the Bible? One way is to look at how the authors of the Bible viewed the supernatural. In both the Old and the New Testament, the authors believed in the spiritual world, both the presence of good and the presence of evil.

The authors of the Bible also believed that the universe contained more than just what was visible to the eye. Beyond earth, they saw a world in which angels and evil forces resided. This could be interpreted as referring to aliens as well.

Another way to look at the presence of aliens in the Bible is to consider its references to angels. Angels make multiple appearances in both the Old and New Testaments. Although angels are usually understood to be spiritual or divine forces, there’s no reason to think aliens might not exist in the same way.

Ultimately, each reader must come to their own conclusions when it comes to interpreting the Bible in relation to extraterrestrial life. While the authors of the Bible probably didn’t have modern-day scientists in mind when they wrote of the supernatural, they certainly knew they were hinting at something bigger than anything we can comprehend.

Are Aliens in the Bible referenced as Messengers?

That is a difficult question to answer definitively since the Bible doesn’t explicitly say that aliens are messengers. However, some theologians point to the many references in scripture about supernatural and extraterrestrial beings as evidence that such creatures could indeed be messengers. For example, many of the references to angels in the Bible could be interpreted as aliens sent by God to deliver important messages.

In the book of Daniel, for instance, we see that the angel Gabriel appears to communicate with Daniel on several occasions. This could be contested to suggest that certain creatures from otherworldly realms are being used as messengers from God.

Similarly, there are references to messengers appearing in stories from other books of the Bible. In Genesis, the Lord sends a “ferry” to Abram to help pacify him and lead him on his journey. And in numerous other places throughout the Bible, messengers seem to be associated with supernatural beings and even extraterrestrial entities.

What Are Implications Of Aliens In The Bible?

The implications that come with the presence of aliens in the Bible are far-reaching and complex. On the one hand, some might see the references to extraterrestrial life as affirming their belief in the power of the supernatural. On the other hand, some may believe that such references are a subtle hint from God that there is more out there than what we can see with the naked eye.

Regardless, the presence of extraterrestrial life in the Bible does not, in any way, suggest that all aliens are good. Like any other spiritual or physical creature, aliens have the potential to be both good and evil. The Bible teaches us to be on guard and to embrace only those things that are of God.

Furthermore, Christians should take care to evaluate whether or not alien activity is truly consistent with Biblical teachings. For example, if an alien visitor were to introduce thoughts, ideas, or actions that contradicted God’s law and Word, then it would be wise to reject them and instead trust the Bible.

Can Aliens Be Saved in the Bible?

The Bible does not explain whether or not aliens could be “saved” in the same way that humans can be. That said, most Christians believe that God is capable of saving any creature who wishes to follow Him. Whether aliens are capable of believing in God and following His teachings is a question that is ultimately left up to interpretation.

At the same time, there is a general understanding among believers that all creatures on Earth have the potential to accept Christ’s offer of salvation. As such, it could be fair to say that aliens may also be given that same opportunity. Of course, only God knows whether or not they have the capacity to accept that offer.

Do Aliens Have A Role In The Bible?

The Bible doesn’t explicitly define the role of aliens in our world today. That said, it does point to the potential for creatures from beyond our world to exist and for them to be on missions separate from our own. Whether their missions are good or bad is up to interpretation.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that the Bible does point to the potential for supernatural entities outside of our realm of understanding. As such, it’s important to be on guard and to rely on the Word of God for guidance and wisdom. Only then can we truly understand what role aliens may have in the grand scheme of things.


The Bible is a great resource for discovering clues about the presence of aliens in our world. It contains multiple references to mysterious beings and supernatural entities that many people consider to be extraterrestrial life. Although the Bible doesn’t overtly speak of aliens, it does offer perplexing hints that could lead us to believe that such creatures exist.

The Bible does offer some guidance about the potential for goodness and badness among creatures from beyond. In addition, it teaches us to be on guard against those who might seek to gain control over mankind. So although the Bible doesn’t say definitively whether aliens exist, its passages do provide us with insights as to how we should evaluate and respond to extraterrestrial life.

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