What Does The Bible Say About Abortion Nkjv

Abortion is one of the most sensitive and controversial topics in the world today. The Bible has a lot to say on abortion, and its position on abortion can vary depending on the context and interpretation. According to the Bible, no one is allowed to take another’s life, and this includes the life of an unborn fetus. In the book of Exodus, the Lord states that “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for God made man in His own image.” (Exodus 21-17 NKJV). This verse encourages us to protect the lives of all humans, including unborn babies.

The Bible further emphasizes the importance of life in Leviticus 24:17 which states that “Whoever strikes a person so that he dies shall be put to death.” (Leviticus 24:17 NKJV). This passage makes it clear that taking the life of another human is a serious offense that should not be taken lightly. The Bible also in Deuteronomy 5:17 states that we should guard life from conception saying “Keep watch on yourself, lest you make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, where you are going, and tear away your garment.” (Deuteronomy 5:17 NKJV) This indicates that we should use caution when making any kind of agreement that could lead to the end of a life as it is a gift from God.

The Bible also has many passages that provide perspective on abortion. According to some religious experts, the Bible does not explicitly forbid abortion or premarital sex, but it does threaten the responsible parties with punishments, such as verse Galatians 5:19 which states “Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these.” (Galatians 5:19 NKJV). This verse condemns those who are involved in such behaviors and can be interpreted to suggest that abortion is a sin.

The Bible also provides many examples of how we should value and respect life. In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, the Apostle Paul notes that “Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17 NKJV). This verse encourages Christians to continually pray for the well-being of others, especially those who are vulnerable like unborn babies. Ultimately, the Bible emphasizes the sacredness of life and urges us to be stewards of life and respect it from the moment of conception.

The Rights of Women

The Bible also recognizes the importance of respecting a woman’s rights in regards to her body. In Exodus 21:22, the Lord states that “If men fight and hurt a pregnant woman and her offspring, he shall pay for any resulting loss. He shall pay as much as the woman’s husband may demand, and the judges must decide fairly. But if there is a further injury, you shall give life for life.” (Exodus 21:22 NKJV). This verse indicates that women should not be treated as mere vessels and that they should have the right to make decisions regarding their bodies.

The Role of Following Church Doctrine

The Bible also talks about the importance of following the doctrines of the Christian Church. For instance, in 1 Corinthians 11:2 it is written “Therefore, let everyone who is a member of the Church be subject to those who lead by following their example in living a holy life.” (1 Corinthians 11:2 NKJV). This verse speaks to the Christian community about their responsibility to adhere to the laws and teachings of the church, which in some denominations can include strict opposition to abortion.

The Need for Compassion and Forgiveness

Finally, the Bible speaks of the need for compassion and forgiveness in the face of difficult decisions and challenges. In Matthew 18:22, Jesus says “And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.” (Matthew 18:22 NKJV). This suggests that we should come together in times of need to find understanding and compassion for those who have made difficult decisions such as those dealing with abortion.

The Moral Responsibility of Abortion

At the end of the day, it is critical to remember that abortion is a moral responsibility that should not be taken lightly. As Christians, we should strive to protect and preserve life by respecting the right to life and standing against any actions that would endanger it. We should seek out understanding and compassion for those who are faced with difficult decisions and trust that God will show them the way.

The Role of the Church in Abortion Debates

The Christian Church also has a big role to play in helping to shape opinions on abortion. As members of the church, we should use our voices and platforms to speak out against abortion and create a conversation that encourages respect for life. We should also support initiatives that aim to promote education and access to resources that can help pregnant women make better-informed decisions on their pregnancies.

The Need for Open, Respetful and Informed Conversations

It is essential that we come together to have open, respectful and informed conversations about abortion in the Christian community. We must listen and learn from one another in order to reach a place of understanding that respects the choices of each individual. We should encourage empathy and embrace the diversity of opinion. Ultimately, we should strive to promote a culture of life that celebrates the sacredness of all human life.

The Role of Prayer in Abortion Decisions

Finally, we should remember the importance of prayer when making decisions about abortion. In James 5:16 the Bible states “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” (James 5:16 NKJV). This verse encourages us to seek guidance from God and trust that He will show us the way. As Christians, we should believe that all life is sacred, and that prayer can bring us comfort and strength in times of need.

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