What Does The Bible Say About 666

The Bible is an ancient text filled with ancient knowledge and stories. It is also a foundational document for millions of people in both religious and non-religious communities. The Bible has a few references to the infamous number 666, and each one’s interpretation is notoriously contested. 

Perhaps the most famous reference to 666 is found in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. In the book of Revelation, 666 is referred to a mysterious “mark of the beast” worn on the forehead or hand of people who choose to worship the devil. Accordingly, the Bible has been the basis for the idea that 666 is a sign of the Antichrist, the religious figure that will bring forth the end of the world.

Though the number 666 is commonly associated with the Antichrist, there is also evidence that the number 666 has more peaceful origins. One biblical scholar claims that in some translations of the Bible, 666 is actually the numerical value of “Nero,” which was the name of a first-century Roman emperor known for his brutality. 

Aside from this, there have been other interpretations attached to the number 666. According to some theologians, the number 666 may be a symbol of materialism, greed, and excess that has been adopted by modern culture. Others have suggested that 666 is a sign of an imbalance between the spiritual and material world in the modern era, or a sign of power and authority.

Regardless of the interpretation, 666 is a mysterious number that has been the subject of much debate and speculation. While the Bible does not offer a definitive answer as to the true meaning behind 666, it does offer some insight into what the number represents in the eyes of religious people.

What The Bible Says About The Antichrist

In the Bible, the Antichrist is described as a beast that rises out of the sea to overthrow Christianity and usher in a new era of terror and destruction. The Book of Revelation speaks of seven heads, seven mountains, and seven kings; perhaps the number 666 is meant to represent one of these occurrences.

According to some interpretations of the Bible, the Antichrist is meant to come to power through the use of deceit, manipulation, and false promises. The Antichrist is believed to bring terror to the world by attempting to replace God and gain control of the whole of humanity. Thus, it’s not hard to see why 666, the infamous “number of the beast”, is associated with the Antichrist, who is destined to bring evil to the world.

In the book of Revelation, it is also stated that those who receive the mark of the beast will be enemies of God. This suggests that, to true believers in the Bible, anyone who aligns themselves with the Antichrist is a traitor to the Lord.

In other words, the Bible offers a clear warning of what will happen to those who embrace 666 – they will be enemies of God and experience His wrath.

How Is 666 Connected To Paganism?

Some believe that the number 666 can be linked to paganism because of its association with the six-pointed star, the pagan shemhamphorasch. This symbol is made up of two interlocking triangles and the number six is found in the texture of the star.

Though the exact origin of the six-pointed star is unclear, some believe that it was used by pagans in the Middle East and is connected to the Book of Revelation in the Bible. This connection has been used to draw links between 666 and the Antichrist, who will bring evil to the world.

It has also been suggested that the two interlocking triangles featured in the shemhamphorasch are representative of the duality between God and the Devil. This may mean that the shemhamphorasch symbolizes the ultimate power struggle that exists between the two opposing forces in the spiritual world.

Furthermore, it has been suggested that the numbers associated with the shemhamphorasch could serve as a warning to believers not to side with the devil, which is seemingly represented by 666. In this manner, the number 666 may be interpreted as a sign for believers to remain faithful to the one true God and not get tempted into worshipping the Antichrist or following paganism.

The Aesthetics of 666

Another possible connection between 666 and the devil is found in its aesthetics. It has been suggested that the number 666 has possible roots in Satanic symbolism due to its triune structure. The number is divided into three segments: six, followed by another six, and finally, six. This is believed to be a representation of the three faces of evil – greed, power, and lust.

It has also been suggested that the number 666 may be representative of the Antichrist, whose characteristics are believed to be threefold. Namely, the Antichrist is said to have the traits of a tyrant, a false prophet, and a religious leader. Taken together, these three attributes can be seen to describe the Antichrist as a figure of evil.

Lastly, it has been argued that the number 666 may be a symbol for darkness and chaos. This interpretation is related to the “unholy trinity” – the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost – a trio of gods in the Satanic religion. Thus, it is believed that 666 is a sign of evil, chaos, and darkness, which can be seen as equated to the Antichrist.


Regardless of one’s interpretation, it is clear that 666 is a mysterious and powerful number that has permeated the religious and cultural consciousness throughout history. While the Bible does not explicitly provide a meaning for 666, it is possible to draw certain inferences by examining the context of the passages in which the number is mentioned. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide how they interpret the number 666, but it is safe to say that it has been viewed unfavorably throughout the centuries.

The Significance of 666 in Christianity

In Christian circles, the number 666 has taken on great significance. This is because the Book of Revelation mentions the number 666 in its description of the Antichrist, making the number a sign of Satan’s power and evil. As such, many Christians believe that anyone who follows or worships the Antichrist will be cursed with the “mark of the beast”, which is believed to be the number 666.

The Bible also warns believers to stay away from anything that might be associated with 666, as it could lure them into sinning against God. Some Christians even go so far as to try to avoid using the number in any form, such as in phone numbers, addresses, or bank account numbers.

Ultimately, 666 is viewed by many Christians as a sign of evil and should be avoided at all costs. It is therefore understandable why the number carries such a negative connotation in many religious circles.

Outside The Christian Context

Though the number 666 is most commonly associated with Christianity, it also has other meanings outside of the faith. Many believe that it is associated with paganism and the occult, which furthers its negative connotation. Additionally, some people believe that 666 is a sign of materialism and decadence, as the number is associated with wealth and power.  

Because of its many interpretations, the number 666 has become a fascination for many, whether they are religious or not. While the meaning of 666 is still heavily debated, it is clear that the number will continue to be a topic of conversation for years to come.

The Spiritual Aspect of 666

Beyond its connection to Christianity and paganism, some believe that 666 has a deeper spiritual meaning. To believers, the number 666 is thought to be symbolic of the soul’s journey back to God, which represents the cyclical nature of spiritual growth and the ultimate re-connection with the divine.

Additionally, it has been argued that the number 666 can be seen as a representation of balance. As the number is made up of three sixes, it can be seen as a sign of equal parts spiritual and material, good and evil, or flesh and spirit. This suggests that those who see the number 666 as meaningful should strive for a harmonious balance between all aspects of life, rather than focusing on one particular element.

It is also believed that 666 is a sign of hope, as it serves as a reminder that we can choose to follow spiritual rather than material paths in life. According to these interpretations, the number 666 serves as a reminder to believers that they have the power to choose which path to take and lead more spiritual lives.

The Popularity of 666

Despite the many negative connotations associated with the number 666, it remains an incredibly popular phenomenon. People around the world have embraced the number, often using it in books, movies, and other forms of entertainment.

The number 666 has also become ubiquitously featured in tattoos, fashion, and art, showing that the number has a power all its own. People of all religious backgrounds are able to appreciate the aesthetics of the number and the mystery it holds.

Ultimately, the number 666 has taken on many interpretations over the years, from the religious to the symbolic. However, its immense popularity shows that regardless of its definition, people continue to be fascinated by this mysterious number.

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