What Does Sanctification Mean In The Bible

What does sanctification mean in the Bible? The word “sanctification” appears frequently throughout Scripture, and it has a special meaning in the Bible that has a deep spiritual significance. This article will look at the biblical definition of sanctification and explore the implications of this concept.

The Greek word for sanctification is hagiasmos, which literally means ‘to set apart’ or ‘to make holy’. This concept is often referred to as ‘holiness’, which signifies a state of moral or spiritual purity. In the Bible, sanctification can refer to an individual’s personal dedication to God, or it can refer to specific acts of obedience and devotion to God.

The Bible states that Christians are ‘set apart’ for God’s use (1 Thessalonians 4:4). This refers to the fact that believers have been chosen and called to live a life that is ‘holy and acceptable to God’ (Romans 12:1). This is an important concept in the Bible because it implies that individuals are devoted to God and are striving to live as He desires.

It is important to note that sanctification is a process. It begins with the act of turning away from sin, and is marked by a gradual transformation of one’s heart, mind, and soul. This process is enabled and strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit. As Christians begin to embrace Christ’s love and turn to Him, they begin the process of sanctification.

This process of sanctification ultimately leads to salvation and the assurance of a secure place in heaven. As Christians grow in their faith, they also become more aware of their need for God and the importance of abiding by His Word. This, in turn, leads to deeper spiritual understanding and a fuller appreciation for all the blessings that come with being ‘set apart’ for God’s use.

Walking in the Spirit

One of the key aspects of sanctification is living according to the Spirit rather than the flesh. The Bible states that Christians should live ‘in the Spirit’ in order to please God (Galatians 5:16-17). This means striving to live in a way that is in line with His will and His commands. This involves a willingness and commitment to deny the fleshly desires that sin and temptation can bring, and to instead live in submission to God’s will.

This is where the concept of sanctification in the Bible grows in importance. As Christians strive to love and serve God, and to ‘walk in the Spirit’, they are in the process of being sanctified. This means they are being molded and shaped into the image of Christ.

This is an ongoing process, as sanctification continues right up until the day we stand as a perfect reflection of Christ. It is a process that requires continual effort and commitment, as it involves steadfastness in one’s faith and continuously turning away from sin and temptation.

The Role of Prayer

Prayer is an important part of the sanctification process. It allows Christians to ensure their minds are stayed on God and to remain in intimate communication with Him. Through prayer, individuals experience a closer relationship with God and can draw nearer to Him for strength, understanding and guidance.

Prayer also plays a key role in sanctification because it enables believers to discern the will of God and to better understand and respond to the leading of the Spirit. Through prayer, individuals can have a clearer understanding of their purpose in life and can develop a deeper relationship with the Lord.

The Role of Scripture

The Bible contains the inspired Word of God, and it is essential for the sanctification process. The Bible provides believers with instruction and guidance, enabling them to learn more about God’s character and purposes. It gives people the opportunity to understand more fully the nature of sin and the destructive power it can have.

Furthermore, Scripture offers support and instruction to those in the process of sanctification, upholding them in the path of righteousness and helping them to develop the courage and conviction to withstand temptation and turn away from sin. As believers continue to meditate on the Word of God, they will build a closer relationship with Him and become increasingly grounded in the faith.

Living a Life of Holiness

As believers continue on the path of sanctification, they will live a life of holiness. This involves actively seeking out opportunities to serve and love God, as well as others. It also involves renouncing worldly values and striving to live as God desires. This involves living a life of obedience, humility and sacrifice.

The ultimate goal is to live a life that is pleasing to God and that reflects His character. A life of holiness begins with a single act of obedient faith and is sustained by a relationship with God and an ongoing commitment to the sanctification process.

Living a Spirit-Filled Life

Sanctification is ultimately about living a Spirit-filled life. This process involves seeking to become more and more like Christ, embracing His love and grace, and walking in His footsteps. It involves seeking out the guidance and grace of God through prayer and the study of His Word, and seeking to live in accordance with His will.

Living a life of sanctification involves surrendering one’s life to God, trusting in His promises, and committing to obey Him. This is an important key to spiritual growth, as it enables individuals to deepen their relationship with the Lord and to become more faithful stewards of His grace.

Putting Sanctification into Practice

Living a life of sanctification requires a commitment to prayer, Scripture study and intentional obedience to God’s commands. It is a process of continual learning and growth, which is enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit. It involves putting other’s needs before our own and taking deliberate steps to seek after the ways of God.

Sanctification is an ongoing process, and it requires effort and dedication. It involves constantly seeking after the Lord and relying upon Him for the strength and courage to walk in the way of holiness. This process of sanctification is an important part of the Christian journey, and it is essential for spiritual growth and transformation.

The Outcomes of Sanctification

Through the process of sanctification, believers experience true transformation. This includes changes in one’s heart, mind and soul that bring about a closer relationship with God and a stronger understanding of the faith. It also brings about a deep appreciation for the work of the Holy Spirit and the blessings that come with being in a right relationship with God.

Sanctification also brings about a desire and longing to serve God and to share His love with others. It leads to more faith-filled living, obedient actions, and a life that reflects God’s holiness. It enables individuals to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation for the Word of God and to become more devoted and committed to Him.

Resisting the Worldly Temptations

As those in the process of sanctification focus on their relationship with God, they learn to resist the snares and temptations of the world. This involves understanding the power of temptation and struggle, and developing the strength and conviction to turn away from things that lead astray. It also involves relying upon God’s strength and grace in times of weakness, and finding joy and peace in the midst of trials and struggles.

Lastly, sanctification enables individuals to live a life of purpose. This means living with an intentional focus on serving God and His kingdom, and living a life of faith, obedience, and love. It involves living with a heart that is completely devoted to God and seeking out opportunities to reflect His love, mercy and grace to those around us.

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