What Does Red Mean In The Bible

What does Red Mean in the Bible? We all know what color red is, but what does it mean in the Bible? Red has a unique place in the Bible, representing different ideas, beliefs, and messages throughout its scriptures.

The Old Testament of the Bible is filled with references to the color red, representing several different things. In the book of Exodus, red is used to represent the power of God when He brings about the Red Sea to part for Moses and the Israelites to cross. In Leviticus, red is used to represent a community’s spiritual relationship to the Lord, when the red heifer is sacrificed for purification rituals. The book of Numbers also uses the color red when the Israelites are commanded to dye the tassels of their garments in blood every year.

The New Testament of the Bible also refers to the color red, usually in connection with the blood of Jesus. It is commonly thought that when Jesus died on the cross, his blood was red, signifying his sacrifice and its powerful meaning. In the book of Revelation, Jesus’ blood is also used to symbolize his victory over death. Other biblical references to the color red include the wine used in the Last Supper, a symbol of joy and nourishment, as well as Mary’s veil, a sign of unknowable mystery.

Red is also featured in several stories in the Bible, each with its own symbolic meaning. The Red Dragon in the Book of Revelation is a symbol of evil and deception. Red is also associated with the Devil himself, representing his corruption and evil influence. Red can also signify righteousness, as seen in the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho, where Joshua’s army marched around the city wearing red fabrics, signifying their holiness.

To many religious scholars, the color red has a deep spiritual meaning. They believe that it represents the life-giving blood of Jesus, as well as His death on the cross. Additionally, some scholars believe that the color red symbolizes courage and strength, a common theme throughout the Bible.

At the same time, there are those who believe that the color red holds a deeper meaning in the Bible. They believe that it can represent fertility, passion, and intensity, as well as inspiration and spiritual enlightenment.

No matter what your interpretation of the color red in the Bible is, it is clear that it plays an important role in the spiritual teachings of the Bible. Every believer can decide what the color red is supposed to mean to them, but one fact remains certain: the Bible is filled with a deep, spiritual meaning of the color red, and it is up to each believer to find their own understanding of the symbolism that it holds.

Symbolism of Red in the Bible

The color red, in many ways, signifies power, passion, and joy. Across many religions and spiritual traditions, it can often be linked to royalty, wealth, and status. In Christian traditions, it may also be associated with the blood of Jesus, which is often seen as a symbol of redemption and forgiveness.

In Hebrew culture, the color red has a strong symbolic significance, as it can often refer to the idea of anger and wrath. The idea of the “flaming sword” is a common symbol of this. In the Bible, this sword often appears in visions and dreams in which God takes vengeance on those who have sinned or disobeyed him.

In the book of Numbers, the Bible also mentions a red cloth that is hung up in front of a person’s door as a sign of mourning. This can signify the grief felt by a family after the death of a loved one or a difficult loss of a meaningful relationship or object.

The number seven is also very important in the Bible, as it is often associated with perfection and completion. In the Book of Revelation, the number seven is used to signify the world’s seven churches. In the New Testament, the color red is often associated with this idea of completion and the perfect nature of God’s will in the world.

Red in Dreams and Visions

Red has always been a strong symbol in the Bible, but it has an even greater significance when it appears in dreams and visions. In the Book of Daniel, Daniel has a dream in which he sees a “fiery red” four-headed beast with wings. This can be interpreted as a warning to mankind about the consequences of war and destruction.

In the book of Ezekiel, a vision of a giant wheel coming down from the sky is seen and it is said to be “made all of gold, and its rims were full of eyes all around”. This can be seen as a symbol of the presence of God, transforming the world into something greater. The color red is thought to symbolize the intensity of this transformation.

Red can also appear in dreams and visions as a symbol of hope and renewal. In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus appears to his followers after his resurrection, and he is described as wearing a red garment. This can be seen as a sign of his divine power and everlastingness, as well as a reminder of the promise of eternal life.


Red is an important and potent color in the Bible, with many different meanings depending on the context. The color red can often be seen as a symbol of strength, passion, and power, but also of war and destruction, warning of the consequences of disobedience to God. It can also represent joy, fertility, and passion, as well as renewal and hope. It is important to remember, however, that the Bible speaks in symbols and we must be mindful of our interpretations of these symbols, as well as the deeper meanings and messages behind them.


Red appears many times throughout the Bible, each time carrying with it different meanings and spiritual significance. From fertility and passion to war and destruction, the color red has a deep symbolism in the stories it appears in, as well as our understanding of the spiritual teachings of the Bible. Through its many symbolic messages, the Bible offers a profound understanding of the color red and its place in our lives.

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