What Does Mason Mean In The Bible


Mason, in the Bible, is an English surname derived from the Latin word “macio” which means “stone” or “steep stone”. It has been used as a surname by many Biblical figures and is still used as a given name today. In the Old Testament, Mason is the father of King David’s grandfather, Jesse. Mason is also listed as one of the nobles of Israel in the book of Ezra and Nehemiah.

Biblical Significance

Mason is associated with several miraculous events in the Bible. For example, Jesse sent his son David to deliver food to his brothers who were tending the flocks of his father-in-law, Obed-Edom. When David arrived at the camp, the Prophet of God, Samuel, saw him and declared him to be the chosen king of Israel. Masons were also involved in the building of King Solomon’s temple. Masons were skilled craftsmen and were responsible for the cutting and forming of the stones for the building of the temple.

Masonic Order

The Mason’s Order is a fraternal organization consisting of Freemasons, who are members of various lodges across the globe. The main goal of the organization is to promote brotherhood, knowledge, and humanitarian values. Freemasonry is based on ancient moral and spiritual teachings and continues to be an influential force in modern culture. The most significant contribution of the Masons to society is the preservation of moral values and the practice of brotherly love.

Modern Masonry

The Masonic Order is still around today, and the organization is believed to be one of the oldest surviving fraternity organizations in the world. Masonry has evolved since it’s inception, and currently there are several different Masonic organizations with different beliefs, rituals, and ceremonies. Masons today still focus on moral improvement, self-development, and the advancement of society, often through philanthropic endeavors.


Mason is a name that has a rich and ancient history, and is still very much associated with modern Freemasonry. Masonry is an ancient organization that has evolved over time, but that still upholds its core values of moral improvement, self-development, and the providing of aid to those in need. Through the generations, Masonry has strongly affected and influenced the culture of many nations and its members have often made valuable contributions to society.


The Mason symbol is often seen in images and artwork, representing the fraternal organization. The symbolic tools of the Mason are depicted in the center of the Mason symbol and are the trowel, level, and plumb. These tools carry significant meaning, as they are associated with the building of a temple representing moral character and with upholding Biblical principles. The tools have also been associated with strength, honor, and integrity.

Literary Representations

Masons have also been used as characters in literature and plays. For example, in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Master Mason is a prominent character in the play. He helps the Prince of Denmark in taking revenge against his stepfather by plotting to feign madness. This symbolizes the moral courage and strength that Masons have been known to possess.

Female Membership

In recent years, the Masonic Order has started to admit female members. This is a major change to the organization, as the Masons were a historically male-only organization. Female Freemasonry has become increasingly popular and more female lodges are being formed today.

Community Involvement

Masons are actively involved in their communities, often taking part in charity drives, fundraising efforts, and community service activities. They are seen as a great resource for churches, schools, and volunteer organisations, providing assistance to those in need. Masons also often support political causes and provide services to enhance public wellness.

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