What Does Josiah Mean In The Bible

The name Josiah is a respected name in the Bible, and has been associated with several significant figures in the Bible, including the famous King Josiah of the ancient kingdom of Judah. But, what does it mean? Josiah is a biblical name derived from the Hebrew words YHWH and salvation. The traditional meaning of the name is “God saves” or “God will save”. Josiah is also associated with courage, loyalty and faithfulness, as is indicated in the Bible.

The name Josiah first appears in the Bible when it is used by King Manasseh, the former king of the ancient kingdom of Judah. Manasseh chose this name for his son, as he believed that it would help protect Judah from its enemies. This name has become very popular since it has a strong religious symbolism, as it is associated with God’s salvific promise.

In the biblical narrative, Josiah’s life forges an inspirational story of how a king must be obedient to his God. This is seen in his reinstatement of the covenant of Divine allegiance, a cultural revolution in which the worship of false gods was replaced with the worship of the God of Israel. With this reinstatement, king Josiah set off what is remembered as a major spiritual revival in the kingdom of Judah and beyond.His influence spread even outside of Judah as it is said that Josiah’s reforms revived the religious faith of other nations, including among the northern kingdom of Israel. This legacy was recognised by the authors of the books of Chronicles, in which they said of Josiah, “he did what was right in the Lord’s sight and he walked in all the ways of David his father and did not turn aside to the right or to the left.”

In modern times, the name Josiah has gained further importance, not just because it has a strong religious symbolism, but for its cultural meaning as well. The modern trends suggest that naming your child Josiah will associate your child with power, justice, and trust. Recent surveys reveal that Josiah is a popular given name due to its association with strength and justice, with parents now wanting to connect their children with moral principles.

Going further, this name also suggests spiritual maturity. By choosing to name their child Josiah, parents show that they want their child to learn from the character of the biblical Josiah, of his incredible faithfulness, his courage and loyalty in serving God, and that they have the expectation that their son (or daughter) will be strong, determined and righteous. Therefore, naming your son Josiah demonstrates the faith and faithfulness of your family’s heritage; it is a name that stands for something larger than itself.

Historical Significance Of Josiah

The name Josiah is linked to Jewish and Christian tradition, with the biblical passages in 2 Kings, Chronicles and Jeremiah relating the story of the reinstatement of the covenant of Divine allegiance. As such, the name Josiah was used outside of the faith in respect of its associations with a righteous king, one who gives and acts as an example of ‘Godly’ behaviour.

As a result of its biblical heritage, the name Josiah is identified not just as a ‘Jewish’ child name, but also an example of a young man who stepped up to fulfil his spirit. Reading the scripture shows that Josiah made a stand in a difficult and often turbulent political situation, one where he faced much opposition. This makes him a symbol of courage in a time where it was needed, as he showed courage and loyalty in his obedient service of God.

Josiah In The Bible

The name Josiah is found several times in the Bible. Most notably, he is the protagonist in the book of 2 Kings, and is mentioned in the books of Jeremiah, 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles. In these scriptures, we read about how brave he was and about his bravery in standing for what was right and true. We also learn about his leadership skills and his unshakeable belief in the god of Judah. It also highlights the importance of being faithful in times of spiritual revival.

In the Bible, Josiah is known as a righteous king and a figure of great moral significance. He was the son of King Amon and the grandson of King Manasseh, the former king of Judah. He became king at the age of 8 and is said to have begun looking for the Lord’s will at a very young age. In the Old Testament, we read that he ordered religious reforms in the kingdom and that he restored ‘true worship’ in Judah, which included the destruction of pagan gods and the establishment of an assembly of worshippers.

His faithfulness and courage in serving God are both emphasized in the Bible. He appears to have been a willing servant of the Lord, rather than someone simply following a rule or obligation. He clearly showed his commitment to his beliefs in his actions, as evidenced by his obedience to God and his loyalty to his people in Judah.

Modern Day Impact Of The Name Josiah

The name Josiah is not only found in the Bible, but is increasingly being used as a name for newborns in modern day America. In recent times, the name has been used as a sign of faith, a reminder that God is with us, regardless of the situation. It is not just a name that was given to a king over 2000 years ago, it has become a popular way of communicating one’s devotion to their faith.

Parents often give their children the name Josiah to signify their faith and to impart a spiritual message to their children. It also serves as a reminder of the values and principles associated with God, as taught in the Bible. As such, the modern day generation of Josiahs (or Josias) will often be given words of advice to live a faithful and obedient life, even in times of hardship or opposition.

The popularity of the name Josiah is also indicative of the increasing interest in spirituality, an interest which has been gaining momentum since the 1950s. This is reflected in how parents are increasingly choosing biblical names for their children, and how popular culture is also embracing these names, from musicians to politicians.


The name Josiah is one of the most popular biblical names in modern times. Parents are increasingly choosing to name their child Josiah, not just for its spiritual symbolism, but for its cultural and historical significance as well. The biblical Josiah serves as an example of courage and faithfulness and the modern Josiah is meant to take those same values and bring them into the modern era. It is a name which is used to signify loyalty, courage and faith and thus it has earned the title of one of the most inspiring biblical names in modern America.

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