What Does Hold Fast Mean In The Bible

What does Hold Fast mean in the Bible? The phrase “Hold fast” is one of the most prominent phrases used by Jesus in Scripture and it invokes several deeper meanings that can be explored.

Holding fast to a divine hope and purpose is a common thread throughout the Bible. To understand what hold fast means more precisely, we need to look closely at the originating scriptures. The well-known words of Jesus in Mark 13:13 clearly point to this direction “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” Here, Jesus speaks of a need for faithfulness and endurance, but he does not specify a means for it, and the word “endure” does not tell us what form of commitment we must make. We could take it to mean that we need to persevere with patience, but that is just one possible interpretation.

When Jesus uses the phrase “hold fast” He is referring specifically to His own teaching and commands found in the New Testament. He speaks of holding fast when He tells the disciples in Matthew 10:19, “But who so shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” Clearly, Jesus is encouraging us to remain firm in our commitment to Him and His teachings. He wants us to remember, though, that the way we endure will be different for each person. We come to Him expecting salvation and redemption, but we must remember that our journey of faith does not always take a linear course; at times, it may have moments of uncertainty and doubt.

Realistically, it is impossible to “hold fast” all of the time and expect to have a successful faith life. True faith requires moments of letting go, so that deeper layers of trust and understanding can develop. That’s why we must approach the phrase “hold fast” with the full understanding that we must be open to an ever-evolving process of spiritual development. This means that we must not only be open to the truth of God’s Word and obedience to His teachings, but also be open to the changes and opportunities that come along with holding fast.

When we hold fast, we follow Christ’s example, who followed God’s perfect plan and stayed true to it even when it seemed impossible to do so. We learn from Jesus to trust in God’s Word and to always seek direction from it—even when faced with the most difficult of obstacles. We must take courage in knowing that our faith will be tested and refined over time, and that the sense of assurance that comes through being faithful will stay with us for eternity.

Practical Examples of Hold Fast

The concept of holding fast in the Bible has far-reaching implications, from a personal level to a congregation and community level. Throughout the Scriptures, we see practical examples of how to live out the command to “hold fast” with integrity and grace in the face of life’s challenges.

For instance, in the book of Proverbs, King Solomon admonishes his son to “hold fast to wisdom and discipline,” meaning that even when conflicting opinions abound, we can make decisions reflective of God’s will if we come to Him in prayer. Godly wisdom and discipline come through seeking Him and staying in close fellowship with Him.

In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus highlights the need to “hold fast” to faith even when our hearts become hardened by the constant barrage of worldly pleasures (Matthew 13:21). When these moments of temptation come, we must persevere by praying and meditating on the Word of God. We must also surround ourselves with godly people who can help us focus on the greater spiritual goal.

Finally, in the book of Hebrews, we’re commanded to hold fast “to the confession of our hope” (Hebrews 10:23). This means that even when it’s difficult to see the outcomes, we must remain firm in our faith in our Savior. We must continue to profess our trust in Him and turn to Him in times of need.

Spiritual Applications of Hold Fast

While the phrase “hold fast” in the Bible comes from a physical context, it has profound spiritual applications in our faith life. We can apply it to all aspects of our spiritual walk – from the way we read scripture and pray, to the way we communicate with God and love others. All of these aspects come together to infuse our lives with a confidence and trust in God’s will and purpose for us.

When we become more reliant on God’s Word, we can use it as a source of wisdom and guidance through our daily lives. Just as Jesus spoke to His disciples in Matthew 10:19, “But whosoever shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved,” He speaks to us, too. We should interpret this to mean that in order to maintain a secure faith in Christ, we must hold fast our course on the path of righteousness, even when it’s hard.

This sort of spiritual endurance is not easy, but it is necessary. When we “hold fast”, we show our reliance on God’s promises, even when it seems impossible. We choose to stay steady in our faith, no matter the circumstances or distractions. We allow ourselves to be shaped and changed by God and hold on to the assurance of His constant love and never-failing faithfulness.

The Power of Hold Fast

One of the most powerful blessings that comes from practicing “hold fast” is a growing understanding of the depths of God’s love. When we hold fast to the Word of God, no matter the circumstances, we become a direct reflection of His love and grace. We can be sure that when we put our trust in Him and remain committed to Him, He will never leave us. His love for us will endure forever.

Holding fast is also a demonstration of faith. When we lean into the promises of God and choose Him above our own desires, we are honoring Him and the security He has given us. We are showing the world that we understand the power of trusting in Him and that our faith is not just something we practice on Sunday, but all days throughout the week.

Ultimately, what it means to hold fast varies from person to person. It may mean confronting challenges in life with courage and determination, or standing against injustice. It could also be seeking out a mentor for spiritual guidance or committing to spend regular time studying the Word of God. The individual challenges may vary, but the overarching principle remains the same: to cling to the love, truth and assurance of God and never give up.

Living a Hold Fast Lifestyle

Living out the phrase “hold fast” means so much more than just following a few specific spiritual practices. It is a lifestyle choice, a way of being, which we must strive for each day. In order to live a “hold fast” lifestyle, we must take the leap of faith and trust in the grace of God to keep us standing firm in our faith. We must be willing to forgo comfort and be courageous enough to take the changes that come with faith.

Yet, it is also important to remember that this lifestyle is not one of perfection. We may have moments of doubt, fear or even defeat. These moments, however, should not be seen as standstills on our path but rather as opportunities for growth. We can use our “hold fast” moments to find strength and resilience through prayer and perseverance.

Living a “hold fast” lifestyle means we will face trials and tribulations, but through it all, our faith should remain steadfast. We can be strength and perfect love when our circumstances become overwhelming. We can be courageous and strong when things don’t go our way. And, most importantly, we can use the power of our faith to share God’s light and love with everyone we meet.

Hold Fast in the Church

The phrase “hold fast” can also be used to describe how we as members of the church should strive to lead our lives. As fellow believers, we must constantly challenge ourselves to stay true to our convictions. We must strive to be honest and open, to listen and to walk in the ways of the Lord. We must understand the importance of maintaining a strong and consistent spiritual life, and the need for remaining rooted in Christ in all aspects of our lives.

Holding fast in the church also implies that we should be unified in our actions and full of love and humility in our dealings. We should be examples of faith and obedience in our community and strive to hold each other up to virtuous standards. By banding together and pushing each other forward, we can call on one another to enter into deeper relationships with God and a better understanding of His word.

Finally, holding fast in the church means remaining devoted to the mission of the church. This means being faithful witnesses for Christ in all areas of our lives and recognizing the value of our own spiritual growth and the growth of the church. This is what it means to be devoted to the cause of Christ and to faithfully hold fast to Him.


In conclusion, the phrase “hold fast” has a rich and meaningful history in the Bible and is found throughout Scripture. Jesus encourages us to remember and embrace the concept, and His instruction is echoed in many books of the Bible. We can use this phrase to understand the importance of being faithful to our spiritual nature and to understand the power of trusting in God’s will. We can use the concept to live in unity and with courage, and we can use it to bind together the church with the spirit of faith and love. Ultimately, “hold fast” is a reminder of God’s divine power and our dependence on Him.

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