What does fearfully mean in the bible?

In the Bible, the word “fearfully” is used to describe how we should view God. He is to be feared because of His power and might, but we should also fear Him because He is our loving and merciful father.

“Fearfully” in the Bible most often refers to God’s awesomeness and power.

What does the Bible say about being fearfully and wonderfully made?

It is clear from these verses that God is the one who formed us and knows us intimately. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, and our souls know this very well. These verses remind us that we are not an accident, but that we are each unique and special, created by God with a purpose.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:13-14 (NIV) So what David is saying is, “Lord, I praise you because of how amazing you made me!” David is praising God, because of how amazing God made David to be. Every single person is a masterpiece of God.

Are humans fearfully and wonderfully made

When God was creating every human on this earth, he made each of us individually with a purpose. Nobody is made by accident and nobody is a mistake. We all have a unique role to play in this world, and we are all here for a reason. There is no such thing as a “coincidence” – everything happens for a reason. Every single person has value and is important. We all have something special to offer, and we are all loved by God.

God sees us in the light and darkness equally. He sees us when we are in our mother’s womb and He knows everything about us. He knows how we are fearfully and wonderfully made and His works are marvelous. We should praise Him for all that He has done for us.

What is the meaning of the word fearfully?

A fearful glance is a glance that is full of fear. It is usually characterized by wide eyes and a tense body. A person who is inclined to fear is someone who is easily scared or frightened. Timorous refers to someone who is timid or cowardly.

You are beautiful, for you are fearfully and wonderfully made! This Bible verse from Psalm 139:14 is a perfect reminder that we are all special and loved by God. This TJ Originals wall print makes a great gift for family and friends, and is a wonderful addition to any home.

What does it mean that God will guard your heart?

The Lord is our watchman, and he protects our souls by guarding our hearts. We can filter our emotions, desires, thoughts, and responses through his Word, and he will help us to stay on the path that leads to life.

God, we pray that these children in particular would know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by you, watched over and cared for by you. May they know your love for them God, may they know this.

What does Psalms 139 23 24 mean

Dear God,

Please help me to see things the way that you do. I know that my perspective is often skewed and that I don’t always see things clearly. I ask that you would help me to walk in ways that would prosper my soul. I want to be someone who is pleasing to you and who follows your ways. So please, try me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any hurtful way in me that needs to be changed. I am open to your guidance and direction. Thank you for loving me and wanting what is best for me. Amen.

The thoughts of God are precious to us because they are true and they bring life and beauty to our world. God takes delight in sharing his thoughts with us, and they are vast in number. We should cherish the thoughts of God as they are a gift from him.

What Scripture says God formed us in the womb?

The Prophet Jeremiah was set apart by God for a special purpose before he was even born. Jeremiah was called by God to be a prophet to the nations. Even though Jeremiah was only a child, he trust God to lead and guide him.

Thank you, God, for everything you’ve done for me. You know me better than I know myself and you have chosen me for a specific purpose. I know that I am special because you made me that way. Help me to live each day according to your plan for me. Amen.

What is the main idea of Psalm 139

The psalmist praises God for his supreme authority and his ability to witness everything on heaven, earth and in the underworld. The psalmist challenges anyone to question his faith, insisting that God is the only true God.

This verse is a great comfort to those who are struggling in life. It reminds us that God is with us always, and that He will save us if we repent of our wrongs. It is a great encouragement to keep going even when things are tough.

Are you a child of God verse Psalm 139 14?

You are a masterpiece, created by a loving God who sees you as His precious treasure. Psalm 139 is a beautiful reminder of just how special you are to Him. May this Bible verse be a source of encouragement and comfort to you, knowing that you are deeply loved by your Heavenly Father.

Fearfully is an adverb that describes how someone feels. Someone who is scared or fearful may feel this way because they are afraid of something.

Who is a fearful person

If you’re feeling fearful about something, it means you’re frightened or worried about it. You might be hesitant to do something because you’re afraid of the outcome.

When we feel scared or threatened, our body’s “fight-or-flight” response is activated. This response is designed to help us protect ourselves from harm. However, sometimes this response is triggered even when there is no immediate threat. When this happens, we might feel scared, panicked, or anxious. These feelings are normal and natural. However, if they become overwhelming or start to interfere with our daily lives, it might be time to seek out some help. There are many different ways to cope with fear and anxiety. Some people find that therapy, medication, or relaxation techniques are helpful. Others find that exercise, journaling, or spending time with friends and family can help them to feel better.


Fearfully means to be in awe or reverential fear of God.

The word “fearfully” in the Bible means to be in awe or to revere. It is often used in relation to God, as in “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). When we are in awe of someone or something, we are not afraid of them. Instead, we respect and admire them.

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