What Does Extolled Mean In The Bible

In the Bible, the word ‘extolled’ is used to describe someone or something that is highly praised or celebrated. This word is often used to refer to God himself, as He is worthy of all the praise and adoration that we can give. The definition of extolled in the Bible is different from its definition in modern English in that it implies something that is more than just praised or admired. It conveys an understanding of the very nature of God and His divinity.

The Bible itself speaks of God’s great accomplishments throughout history and, as such, extolling His name is seen as an act of worship and reverence. In the book of Psalms, for example, the psalmist extols the Lord’s mighty deeds, proclaiming His greatness and all that He has done. In the gospel of Luke, the angel Gabriel proclaims that Jesus is the ‘Son of the Most High’ and is thenceforth extolled. Throughout the Bible, the example of extolling God’s greatness can be seen in many other passages.

Beyond simply being an act of worship, extolling God in the Bible is also an expression of our faith and trust in Him. Each time we praise Him, we are making an intentional effort to reaffirm our faith in His love and power. This can not only be seen in how we interact with God but also in our treatment of others. When we express admiration and appreciation for another person’s character and actions, we are, in essence, extolling God’s greatness by reflecting His character and love in our words and deeds.

For Christians, extolling God’s glories also serves as a reminder that we are called to be His light in a world consumed by darkness. We are to point others to His great and amazing works, extolling Him through our own lives by becoming living examples of His love and mercy. Extolling God, then, is an act of submission to His will, and a way of expressing our faith and love for Him.

Apart from the spiritual significance of extolling God, the use of this word also carries with it a more tangible meaning in our daily lives. By celebrating the accomplishments and qualities of God, we can also express our admiration and appreciation for what He has done in our own lives. We can share our thanks and gratitude for the many blessings and trials He has brought our way by extolling His name.

The act of extolling God, then, is not only an act of worship and reverence but also an expression of our loyalty and faith in Him. It is an act of submission to His will and a reminder of His great and infinite love for us. By extolling God’s greatness throughout the Bible, we can show our belief in Him and our appreciation for all that He has done for us.

Extolling God in Our Daily Lives:

It is not only the implications of the Bible that point to the importance of extolling the Lord’s greatness, but also the implications of our own daily lives. As Christians, our everyday lives are to be lived in a way that extols God and His kingdom. We are to be living examples of His graciousness and mercy, and our actions should reflect His love and power. When we treat others with kindness, respect and generosity, we are honoring Him.

Not only can we express our love and reverence for God through our words, but also through our actions. We can be advocates for justice, mercy and compassion, showing our commitment to the kingdom of God in how we live out our everyday lives. At the same time, we can also extol God’s greatness through our prayers, which serve as a reminder of His omniscience, love, and power.

The act of extolling God in our daily lives should not be passive or limited to simply saying words of adoration. We should take action in obedience to His Word and live out our lives in a way that is reflective of His holiness, grace and mercy. Only then can we truly demonstrate our faithfulness and commit ourselves to the cause of loving Him and serving His kingdom.

Extolling God: A Reminder of His Greatness

We can find countless examples throughout scripture of how people extolled God’s greatness. From Moses’ humble prayers to Jesus’ miracles and ministry, we are reminded of the impact of extolling the Lord’s holiness and the reward that comes from doing so. As we study the Bible and go out into the world, we should be reminded of God’s greatness and the power that praising Him has to transform our lives.

When we recognize the tremendous power we have to praise God and extol His greatness, we can begin to understand the importance of doing so. We can also understand the importance of being faithful to Him, of obeying His commands, and of being obedient to His will. Through examples in the Bible and the effects of extolling the Lord in our own lives, we can become more humble and devoted servants of God.

The concept of extolling God is one that is deeply embedded in the Scriptures, and it continues to be relevant today. The act of praising God allows us to recognize the power of His wonderful truths, and it speaks to His great and infinite love. When we extol the Lord’s greatness, we are affirming our faith and reminding ourselves of how blessed we are to be living in His presence.

The Enduring Power of Extolling God in the Bible

No matter what the time period or culture, extolling God has been a staple for the Christian faith. From ancient texts to modern-day sermons, extolling His name has inspired and emboldened Christians for centuries. As illustrated in the Bible, extolling God speaks to the profound diversity of the Christian faith, and of the power and beauty of praising Him.

When Jesus moved to the Mount of Olives, he extolled God’s greatness and continued to do so until the end of his days. This serves as an example to us of the enduring power of extolling God and all that it is capable of. Extolling God speaks to the truth of His Word, and the freedom and grace that can be found in His mighty name. It is a reminder to us of the power of faith and the importance of putting God first in all of our lives.

Ultimately, the power of extolling God is something that remains constant in the Bible. As humans, it is our responsibility to recognize and share the greatness of God through our faith, our words and our actions. Extolling God is not just something that is written in the Bible; it is something we can experience in our own daily lives.

Extolling God’s Name As An Expression of Faith and Gratitude

The Scriptures are filled with stories and examples of people honoring God through their words and their actions. Whether it be in the form of a prayer, a spoken compliment or an act of kindness and compassion, these moments are all expressions of faith and gratitude towards Him. Extolling God’s greatness not only acknowledges His power and grace, but also demonstrates our willingness to align our lives to His Word.

Extolling God’s name is a reminder that our faith is rooted in Him and that He is the source of all our hope and strength. When we express our faith through our words and through our lives, we glorify His name and acknowledge His enduring grace and goodness. Through our acts of extolling the Lord’s greatness, we demonstrate the power and impact of our faith in Him and His kingdom.

In the end, extolling God is an expression of faith and gratitude that speaks to our commitment to Him and to His Word. As Christians, we can use our words and our actions to show our reverence and admiration for God, and to honor His goodness and mercy. By extolling God, we are reminded of the power of His Word and the power of faith in Him.

Extolling God As a Source of Strength and Hope

When times are tough, it can be difficult to stay strong and full of hope. But when we make the effort to extol the Lord’s name in prayer and in our everyday lives, we can experience a sense of peace and strength that can help us through any trial or hardship. By acknowledging God’s greatness, we can reaffirm our faith and trust in Him, and access the power and hope that come from honoring His name.

In the Bible, we learn that extolling God’s greatness is often followed by God’s graciousness, protection, and provision. This can be seen in the stories of Noah and Abraham, of David and Daniel, and of Jesus Christ. Each of these stories emphasizes the Lord’s power and generosity, and serves as a reminder that when we express our faith in Him, He will always come to our aid.

In our own lives, we have the power to access the same source of strength and hope that those in the Bible had. Whether through prayer or through our words and actions, extolling God is a reminder of His enduring love and a demonstration of our faith in Him. Extolling God is an act of submission, humility and reverence, and it is one that can act as a source of strength and hope for us in any situation.

Extolling God as an Expression of Love

At the root of all praise and worship is love. We extol the Lord’s greatness because we love Him and because we are grateful for all that He has done for us. By expressing our love for God, we honor His name and demonstrate that He is worthy of our praise and admiration. Extolling God is a reminder to us of the love and mercy that He has in store for us.

We can also use our acts of extolling God to renew our commitment to Him and to remind ourselves of our purpose as Christians. By expressing our love and reverence for Him, we become more committed to His Word and to the cause of furthering His kingdom. Extolling God’s greatness is an expression of our faith and of our willingness to serve Him and His cause.

The Bible is overflowing with examples of people extolling the Lord and of His loftiness, grace and mercy. As Christians, we are called to follow in their example and to express our own faith and love for God. Through our words, our prayers, and our actions, we can honor the Lord’s greatness and become living embodiments of His love and grace.

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