What Does Begotten Mean In The Bible

Definition of Begotten

Begotten is a term used to describe a relationship between God and his begotten son Jesus Christ. In the Bible, the term is first used in the book of Genesis, when Isaac tells Abraham that in order to fulfill God’s promise of a son he should offer up his only begotten son, Isaac. The term is also used in the New Testament to describe Jesus’ relationship to God as the group’s only son. In modern English, the term means simply “born” or “conceived”, though its biblical meaning is much deeper and more significant.

Meaning and Significance Of Begotten In The Bible

The term “begotten” appears many times throughout the Bible in both Old and New Testament passages. In its most basic sense, the term “begotten” is used to describe the special relationship between God and his only son, Jesus Christ. In the Bible, God is referred to as the “everlasting Father” of Jesus and so the term “begotten” is used to express the unique bond between the Father and his son.
The biblical meaning of “begotten” is a symbol of God’s love for mankind – that he would choose to send his only son to die for our sins. In other words, the term “begotten” refers to Jesus as a living sacrifice, and as an example of perfect love. It also speaks of Jesus’ special and incomparable relationship with his father God. As the Bible says in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”.

Relationship Of Begotten To Adoption And Other Forms Of Parenting

Though the term “begotten” is first and foremost used to refer to the special relationship between God and Jesus, it may also be used to refer to other biblical concepts such as adoption and parenting. In Romans 8:15-17, for example, the Apostle Paul speaks of “the spirit of adoption” saying that “we are children of God and if children, heirs; heirs of God, and joint heirs of Christ, if so be that we suffer with Him, that we may be also glorified together”.
The term “begotten” may thus be interpreted as a metaphor to explain the special relationship of adoption, as well as the unique bond between a parent and a child. By referring to Jesus as the only begotten Son of God, the Bible emphasizes that He is the sole heir of God, the only one who is fully accepted and loved by His Father without condition.

Begotten In Comparison To Creation

In understanding the term “begotten,” a comparison can be drawn to the Old Testament narrative of creation, where God creates all things from nothing. This idea of creation from nothing differs from the term “begotten” as God does not create Jesus from nothing, rather, He begets Him. This shows that God’s relationship with Jesus is special and that, as the only begotten son, Jesus is almost equal to God in level of being.
Furthermore, throughout the Bible and in the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus is the only one referred to as the “son of God”, which further affirms His unique status and relationship with His Father.

Societal Significance Of Begotten

The concept of “begotten” is not only important in expressing the special relationship between God and Jesus, but it also holds significance in our society today. It serves as a reminder to parents to strive to love their children unconditionally and to ensure that they receive the acceptance that God Himself offers to Jesus.
By invoking the notion of only begotten son of God, we are encouraged to be better parents and better people. We are reminded not to judge our children (or anyone) based on their failure, nor their success, but instead to use our loving parent-child relationship as an example of perfect love and acceptance. This encourages us to practice unconditional love in all aspects of our lives, honoring the relationship that God and Jesus have for one another.

Begotten’s Importance To Christianity

The term “begotten” is of utmost importance in Christianity. It expresses the perfect love between God and Jesus, and it serves as a reminder to us of how we should love and accept our own children and those around us.
By describing Jesus as “God’s only begotten son”, the Bible conveys the highest form of love and admiration that one can receive – divine, unconditional love and acceptance. This encourages Christians to accept and love Jesus as the son of God, and to be an example of perfect love in our own lives.

Begotten In Popular Culture

The term “begotten” has become commonplace in popular culture as well, with books, televisions shows, and movies consistently integrating the usage of the term in conversations and events. For example, the term “begotten” has become so commonplace that it is often seen in lyrics and phrases within popular music.
Most recently, the term was used within the 2020 film “The Midnight Sky” in which the usage of the term “begotten” reflects the relationship between the protagonist and his daughter. This serves as an example of how the term “begotten” is being used in popular culture today to express the intimate relationship between a parent and a child.

Modern Usage of Begotten

Today, the term “begotten” continues to be used in its traditional sense to express the unique relationship between God and His only son Jesus Christ. In addition, the term is often used in everyday life to describe the bond between someone and their children or loved ones.
The term is also commonly used in the scientific and medical fields, in which it is used as a term of development, such as genetic lineages and reproduction. In this sense, “begotten” can be used to describe the transfer of genetic material from one generation to another.


In conclusion, the term “begotten” is an important biblical term used to express the relationship between God and His only son Jesus, the first and original example of unconditional perfect love. Today, the term is used in popular culture, everyday conversations and the scientific and medical fields. The term speaks to us of the importance of unconditional love, particularly in our relationships with our own children and loved ones.

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