What Does Asher Mean In The Bible

Background Information

The name Asher is mentioned 8 times in the Bible. In Hebrew, the name Asher is understood to mean ‘happy, blessed’ and is derived from a root which can mean ‘happiness’ or ‘blessing’. Asher is one of twelve sons of Jacob and is the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel that descended from him. Bible commentators have traditionally explained the name Asher to have been taken from the Hebrew words ‘asher’ and ‘aharah’ and interpreted to mean ‘blessed’.

Found In The Bible

Asher is mentioned in a variety of passages in the Bible. In Genesis 30:13, it is stated that Asher and his brother Zebulun were born to Jacob’s wife Leah. In Deuteronomy 33:24-25, Asher’s tribe is praised for being the most blessed of all the tribes. Additionally, the tribe of Asher was one of the tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Asher is also mentioned in other passages of scripture, such as Joshua 19:24-31 and 1 Chronicles 7:30-40.


Various interpretations have been made by Biblical commentators regarding the meaning of Asher in the Bible. For example, John Calvin argued that the name, derived from the Hebrew ‘aharah’, meant ‘blessed’ because of the immense material and military success of the tribe of Asher, as noted in Deuteronomy 33:24-29. Similarly, the renowned 19th century Bible commentator Matthew Henry took the meaning of the name to signify ‘fortunate’ or ‘happy’.

Biblical Symbolism

Asher is also a symbolic name in the Bible and there is much to be learned from it. For example, the tribe of Asher was known for its rich resources, symbolizing the importance of having material blessings, such as food, shelter, clothing and health. As mentioned earlier, the name Asher was taken from the Hebrew word ‘aharah”, meaning ‘blessed’, which speaks of spiritual blessings associated with God’s faithfulness.


The numerical value of the name Asher in the Bible is seven which, according to the Bible, is the number of perfection. The numerological significance of the name Asher is connected to the significance of the number seven in the Bible which can be found in a variety of passages such as Proverbs 24:16, Romans 12:7 and Revelation 1:4.


Some experts believe that the biblical name Asher is related to the Arabic phrase ‘ashara’ which can be translated as ‘abundance, good luck and fortune or increase’. This could mean that the name ‘Asher’ has a deeper, spiritual meaning beyond the literal translation of ‘blessed’ as discussed previously.

Theological Significance

Some interpret the name Asher to have religious meaning as well, mainly related to Jacob’s blessing of his son Asher in Genesis 49. In this passage, it is stated that the God of Israel will grant Asher ‘the dew of heaven, and the fatness of the earth’, symbolizing God’s blessing of physical and spiritual prosperity in the life of Asher and those who are related to him.

Cultural Impact

The name Asher, has also had a significant cultural impact on the Israelite people. Asher was one of the twelve tribes of Israel who went on to create a monarchy and an empire that lasted for centuries. Today, the name Asher is widely used as a first name among the Jewish people, signifying the important contributions that the tribe of Asher had on the development of the Israeli nation.

Relationship To Jesus

Asher is a biblical name whose connection to Jesus is subtle. In Luke 1:33, it is said that Jesus’ reign ‘will go on forever’, a reference to the tribe of Asher whose reign in Israel was one of the longest. Additionally, Jesus is seen as a blessing to those who follow Him. This echoes the meaning of the name Asher, which is derived from the Hebrew word ‘aharah’, meaning ‘blessed’.

Asher As A Representative Of Blessings

In conclusion, Asher is a biblical name whose meaning can be traced back to the Hebrew words ‘aharah’, meaning ‘happy’ or ‘blessed’. This meaning is closely related to various passages in the Bible which describe the tribe of Asher as being the most blessed of all. As such, the name Asher can be seen as a symbol of God’s blessings on the nation of Israel, a reminder that through Jesus Christ, God has blessed us with material blessings, spiritual blessings and the hope of eternal life.

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