What Does Abide Mean In The Bible


Abide is a term used throughout the Bible to describe how a Christian should live and conduct their lives. According to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, Abide is defined as; “to stay, remain, dwell; to abide one in a place; to sojourn; to tarry; or to cause oneself to remain for a time”. Abide is one of the most commonly used terms in the Bible, appearing almost three hundred times.

In its simplest form abide can be understood to mean “to remain with” or “to remain connected to”. It is the idea of having a secure and intimate relationship with God, through a deep inner connection. Abiding in God implies staying close to His spirit and being obedient to His every command.

Understanding Abide

Abide is much more than simply staying in a physical place, instead it is an attitude of the heart. Abide in the Lord is an invitation to all people, to have a personal connection with Jesus Christ and stay constantly in a relationship with Him. It is a calling to be continually striving to stay close and not waiver in the faith.

Throughout the Bible, commands to abide appear frequently. The majority of these commands can be found within the teachings of Jesus. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount demanded that all his followers must not only “hear” and “obey” his commandments, but also to “abide” in them.

Bible commentator John Gill explains how; “by the hearing and obeying of them, men may be considered and denominated as branches in the vine, members in the body of Christ, children in his family, and sheep in his fold; but nothing less than constant abiding in them will indicate regeneration and a truly gracious state of souls, and an interest in the divine life”.

Practical Application

Abiding in the Lord is an act of obedience to His will, in which a person is obligated to always choose the right over the wrong and obey His laws, no matter where they are or what they are doing. Just as Jesus spent time in prayer and in the word of the Lord so too must all followers.

One of the best ways to abide in the Lord is to practice prayer regularly. Prayer serves as an avenue for fellowship and communication with God. Another important method for abiding in the Lord’s presence is to live in accordance with His teachings and His commandments. This includes living by the fruits of the Spirit, loving one another, and taking care of the orphans and widows.

Abiding in the Lord also involves resisting temptation, building a strong moral character and leading a Spirit-filled life. It requires self-control and submission to the Lord, even in the face of temptations. Lastly, it involves allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and direct a person, as He knows the best way to go.

Abiding In The Church

Abide in the Lord also means abiding in the church. Believers are encouraged to attend church regularly, and be involved in the activities of the church to grow in the knowledge of the Lord.

Church activities help members to stay connected and encourages them to get to know each other better. As well as providing fellowship, church activities also provide opportunities for spiritual growth and service.

Abiding in the church also involves developing one’s spiritual gifts; regularly participating in Bible study and Scripture reading; and being a good witness for Christ. Being part of the Church community serves as a reminder for believers to abide in the Lord, and encourages them to stay grounded in their faith.

Abiding In A Relationship

Abide in the Lord involves not only abiding spiritually, but also emotionally and mentally. Staying emotionally connected means continually striving to demonstrate love and understanding with other believers. This might mean listening to a fellow believer’s counsel, putting aside our own agenda in favour of someone else’s, and regularly forgiving and seeking forgiveness.

It also means valuing relationships and appreciating the different perspectives of other believers. Abiding in a relationship also involves opening up and being authentic, rather than staying guarded and distant. As a result, abiding in the Lord encourages both personal growth and unity within the Church.

Abiding By Example

Lastly, abiding in the Lord involves setting a good example for other believers. Jesus set the perfect example of abiding in the Lord, making it clear that following the laws of the Lord and seeking the reward of eternity are of utmost importance. Jesus also made sure to obey the Father in all things, no matter what the personal cost was.

This example of abiding has been handed down to believers in the Church today. As children of God, it is our responsibility to not just understand the teachings of the Lord, but to live them out as well. Abiding in the Lord is a daily challenge that believers must be willing to take on, in order to truly follow God’s will.

Abiding In The Word

Abiding in the Lord can be made possible only by regularly reading and studying the Bible. As the word of God, the Bible is full of knowledge and understanding that can help believers to stay obedient and remain connected to the Lord. The Bible serves as a source of strength and reassurance in difficult times, and provides a guide for how we should live our lives.

Studying in depth the teachings of Jesus and the other prophets, will help believers to develop spiritual maturity. This enables them to remain faithful to their fellowship, be a witness for Christ, and embrace the fruit of the Holy Spirit into their lives.

Abiding In the Spirit

Abiding in the Lord is merely a surrendering of the will to God, allowing His Spirit to lead and direct, while at the same time reassessing and maintaining a personal relationship with Him. It is this relationship that propels us to bring the Gospel to all nations, making disciples and properly stewardship over God’s creation. Abiding in the Lord is not just a practice, but a lifestyle, that requires a death to the selfish will of life and an alignment with the Lord’s will.

Abiding in the Lord is a noble and holy calling, demanding steadfast obedience in the midst of an ever-increasing secular culture. It is by standing firm on the Rock of Jesus Christ that believers can remain steadfast and find true joy in fellowship with the Lord.

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