What Did Matthew Do In The Bible

The Calling of Matthew

Matthew, the beloved disciple of Jesus, was among the Twelve Apostles of Christ, who were some of Jesus’ closest companions. Matthew is also known to have been first called by Jesus as a tax collector. According to the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 9, Jesus saw Matthew sitting in his tax booth and said, “Follow me”. Right away, Matthew got up and followed him.

This was not the only time that Matthew is mentioned in the bible. The Gospel of Matthew – which some scholars believe was written by the same Matthew – mentions his life in a few other places throughout the text. His role as a disciple of Christ was pivotal to the spread of Christianity.

The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew is particularly important in Christianity today. It is the first book of the New Testament in nearly all modern Bibles, which places it as the formative text for the discipline of Christian ministry. It is written in such a way so as to foster spiritual reflection and meditation in readers, introducing them to the life of Jesus Christ. Because of this, it is said to contain the cornerstone teachings of Christianity.

The Gospel of Matthew chronicles the life and ministry of Jesus from its beginning to its end, being one of the main sources of information about Jesus. If Matthew hadn’t written the gospel, we wouldn’t know a significant amount about the life of Jesus. Some particular sections that Matthew includes are the Sermon on the Mount, the healing of one person’s daughter, and Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. In doing so, the Gospel of Matthew captures the importance of Jesus’ teachings, the miracles he performed, his crucifixion, and his ultimate resurrection.

The Miracles of Jesus According to Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew also details many of the miracles Jesus performs. According to Matthew, one of the signs of Jesus’ divinity was his ability to do miracles that no one else could do; this demonstrated that Jesus was the Messiah they had been expecting. Some impressive miracles in the Gospel of Matthew include Jesus walking on water, turning water into wine, healing the sick, casting out demons, and raising the dead.

The miracles that Jesus performed helped to spread his message and demonstrate the power of his faith. These miracles are some of the most memorable events in the Bible and helped to illustrate Jesus’ leadership and authority. In addition, many of these miracles showed Jesus’ ability to reach out to others in need and give them comfort and healing.

The Teachings of Matthew

In addition to being a witness to the miracles Jesus performed and chronicling them in the gospel, Matthew taught many important lessons. These taught were meant to show how to love and forgive as Jesus taught, even in the toughest of circumstances. Two important teachings of Matthew that are upheld by Christians are the commandment to love your neighbour as yourself and the parable of the Good Samaritan. The former is the second most important commandment, the latter the story of a man who decides to help a person who is not like him and to not shun them.

Matthew also taught about more mundane matters, such as the idea of money being a way to serve God, which he expressed in the story of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). This was meant to show that money was a way to use one’s God-given gifts and talents, and not an unhealthy obsession. Overall, the teachings of Jesus showed a way to live a more virtuous and faithful life and reflected Christ’s love for all people.

The Death of Matthew

Little is known about Matthew’s life after the gospel, although several of his letters and hebrews have been found. It is assumed he moved to the Mediterranian regions and preached there, with some stories suggesting he went to Ethiopia. He is thought to have potentially died in an ancient region of what is now Kurdistan. Matthew is memorialized in several of the Orthodox churches as a martyr of the faith, although the exact circumstances of his death are unknown.

More About Matthew: a Lasting Legacy

Matthew is remembered not only for the Gospel attributed to him, but also for his role as one of the original Twelve Apostles, a vital player in the early spread of Christianity. As mentioned before, if it wasn’t for the work of Matthew and the others, Christianity would not have spread in the same way. In addition, many of the messages and teachings that Jesus gave during his time are still remembered and practiced today. These are some of the things Matthew has left us with, and his legacy still lives on in modern Christianity.

Matthew’s Contributions to History and the Bible

The extent of Matthew’s influence cannot be overstated. He was a central contributor to the Gospel of Matthew and the spread of Christianity, and is responsible for the way church teachings are conducted today. His writings and teachings remain hugely influential and provide a valuable insight into both Jesus’ mission and how we can live good and holy lives. In addition, he remains an important figure in Christian mythology and his legacy continues to be a source of inspiration and guidance.

The Lasting Legacy of Matthew’s Writing

Matthew is remembered for his unique and influential style of writing. The Gospel of Matthew is a prime example of the kind of writing Matthew was capable of producing. As well as the gospel, Matthew is credited with three letters, and several more works have been attributed to him. He is a master of parable writing and throughout his writings, he expresses themes of compassion and forgiveness, of love and service, values which are still held in high regard today.

The Influence of Matthew’s Life on Us

Matthew is remembered for much more than simply his writing. As an apostle, he was part of a close-knit group of followers, led by Jesus on a journey of faith and discovery. His life was hugely influential in the spread of Christianity and still remains so today. Moreover, he remains an important role model and his story is celebrated in many churches. He shows us that we can follow our passion, leave behind a life of comfort, and embrace a life filled with risk and adventure.

Matthew’s Influence on Christian Worship

As an Apostle, Matthew’s influence is found in every Christian worship today. As mentioned earlier, the Gospel of Matthew is a cornerstone of Christian doctrine. He is also remembered in Christian services, especially on Sunday mornings. Even more so, the hymns sung in church are inspired by Matthew’s teachings on Jesus’ life. Finally, the prayers said during church services draw on the teachings of Matthew and help to bring a sense of peace and comfort to worshippers.

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