What Did Esther Do In The Bible

Esther’s Heritage

Esther is one of the most celebrated biblical characters, admired for her bravery, strength, and virtue. She was an orphan, daughter of Abihail and half-sister of Mordecai, both of whom were Jewish. Born in Susa, now part of Iran, she adopted Mordecai as her father, and she was taken into the home of her uncle, a man named Kish. Jews believe that Esther was specifically chosen by God to save the Jewish people from the genocide ordered by King Ahasuerus of Persia.

Her Love Story

Esther became a part of the harem in the palace of King Ahasuerus, where she was incredibly beautiful. The King was originally married to the Vashti, but there is a famous story about Vashti’s refusal to obey the King’s wish which then led him to the decree of finding himself a new wife. Thus, there was a search for a new queen among the maidens living in the palace and Esther was chosen. Esther won the King over with her charm and beauty, and this marked the beginning of Esther’s selection as a queen.

Fearless Leadership

During then Queen Esther’s rule, she showed exceptional bravery and leadership. A man named Haman, a political advisor of the King, had been plotting the genocide of all Jews in the kingdom. When Esther learnt of this, she was terrified and hesitant to confront the King. She fasted for three days and begged for God’s help, seeking strength and courage to save her people. After much contemplation, she spoke of Haman’s scheme to the King, who then had him executed. Esther literally saved the lives of many Jewish people at that time.

Her Contributions

Esther is known for her exemplary character and virtue, but her contribution to the Jewish religion has been immense. She declared that ‘The Jews of Shushan and their descendants would celebrate the day of deliverance’ and she devoted herself to the service of the people who were to remain as their religious obligations. Furthermore, Esther founded the festival of ‘Purim’ where Jews commemorate God’s deliverance by fasting, giving alms, reciting daily prayers and eating traditional meals. The day of Purim is one of the most important days in the Jewish calendar, and it serves as a reminder of Esther’s great kindness and bravery.

Power To Influence

Esther’s influence was such that she shaped the course of events in Persia. She was a skilled negotiator and a great intercessor, capable of swaying the heart of the King towards her requests. This is attributed to her emotional intelligence and passion for justice. Her heart was always inclined towards helping and protecting the lives of others, which is what made her so special.

Her Legacy

Esther’s legacy has reflected through the centuries in literature, film and art. For her devotion to her people and her courage in the face of danger, she was rewarded with the title ‘Hadassah’, meaning ‘myrtle tree’. Her courage, strength and faith in God have continued to serve as an inspirational example of perseverance and purpose-driven leadership.

Esther’s Empowering Presence

The book of Esther suggests that the role of heavenly intervention can remain an enigma and even in dire circumstances, one must always trust in God’s justice. Esther displayed remarkable self-discipline, strength and courage to go against odds. She also exercised power to influence and convince, drawing strength from her faith in the Lord. Esther possesses many qualities that have been universally admired and her presence alone empowered many Jews in their darkest days.

Building Character

Esther’s character is an inspiration for young people and her legacy serves as a reminder of the importance of character and morality. Esther’s integrity and faith in God can serve as a reminder of what it takes for us to take a stand for justice, even if it has grave personal consequences. Furthermore, her faith was rooted in her commitment to justice and righteousness, which is just as relevant even in today’s situation.

Looking For Meaning

Esther’s courage and determination are also a reminder of how we can use moments of fear to look within ourselves and find the meaning of our existence. Esther was a proficient leader who knew that finding moral strength and courage within oneself was far more valuable than possessing fear and relying on external power.

Education and Reassurance

The story of Esther highlights the importance of learning and faith. Esther’s focus on education is also admirable and serves as an example for promoting education, even in the midst of turmoil and injustice. Esther’s story is meant to reassure people in times of despair and help them to remember that, no matter the situation, there is always a hope for redemption and justice.

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