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The Bible is the most widely read book in the world, and though it has been criticized over the years for its many inconsistencies, its main message still stands strong – God’s love and mercy towards his people. In the Bible, Christmas is celebrated as a special day of rejoicing and thanksgiving. What chapter is the Christmas story in the Bible?

The Christmas Story In The Bible

The Christmas story is first mentioned in the gospel of Luke, Chapter 2. The chapter starts noting the time when Quirinius was ruling over Syria for the Roman Empire. It is here where the story of the birth of Jesus is recorded. Luke talks about a time when a decree was made throughout the empire that each person should return to their home town to be registered for taxation. This is when Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem, and it is there that Mary gives birth to Jesus.
The Christmas story is later retold in the gospel of Matthew. Matthew chapters 1 and 2 also focus on the birth of Jesus and his place in the world. In this gospel, the angel tells Joseph that Jesus is the long-awaited Messiah and it is here where Matthew mentions the magi who came to pay homage to the newborn Jesus. The shepherds and the angels then come to witness this moment.

Content of the Christmas Story

The Christmas story, found in Luke and Matthew, is filled with both hope and joy. The first chapter of Luke speaks mainly of Mary and Joseph travelling from Nazareth to Bethlehem, and the record of their arrival being fulfilled according to the prophecy. The second chapter of Luke narrates the events following Jesus’ birth, including the visit of the Magi, the adoration of Jesus by the shepherds and the announcement of the birth by angels to the shepherds.
The first chapter of Matthew tells of the birth of Jesus, while the second chapter focuses on the events following his birth, including Herod’s failed attempt to kill him, the flight of the Holy Family to Egypt and their subsequent return to Nazareth.
The Christmas story speaks of God’s love and mercy towards his people. It is a story of God’s call to the tired, weary and poor to come to the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ. It is a story of hope, peace and joy.

Purpose of the Christmas Story

The purpose of the Christmas story is to show us how God’s love is so much greater than all our own human efforts. The story shows us that God was willing to carry human suffering, send a Savior and provide hope for a better future. It reminds us that at Christmas time, God’s mercy is available for everyone who will receive it.
At Christmas we can celebrate the great mystery of the Incarnation, the union of God with mankind through Jesus. The Christmas story speaks to us of hope, peace, joy, and love that can be experience in our lives.

The Message of the Christmas Story

The message of the Christmas story is that God formed a bond between himself and humanity through His Son, Jesus Christ. The message is that no matter who we are or where we come from, God loves us and is willing to forgive our faults and mistakes.
The Christmas story reminds us that the main point of the story was not the Wise Men, or the shepherds, or the angel, but Jesus Himself. Jesus is the message of eternity and hope, a reminder that despite any darkness, God is still with us and can lead us to salvation.

Inspiring Lessons from the Christmas Story

The Christmas story has a lot of inspiring lessons that can be learned from it. It teaches us to have faith in God and His promises even when our faith is weak or goes through difficult times. It also teaches us to have hope and trust that in God’s perfect time everything will come to pass.
The Christmas story reminds us the importance of taking chances and trusting in God. It reminds us that God is always there for us, even when the odds are against us, and that God will bring forth light and joy even in the most difficult times.

The Impact The Christmas Story Has On Our Lives

The Christmas story has an immense impact on our lives today. It reminds us to reflect on the story each year and to remember that despite what life throws at us, no matter how hard or how dark, God will see us through.
The Christmas story reminds us of the importance of family, of coming together to celebrate the birth of Christ and the hope and joy that it brought. It also reminds us that in the midst of wars and strife, God will still provide love and redemption for all of mankind.

The Symbolism of the Christmas Story

The Christmas story is filled with a number of symbols that have deeper meaning. For instance, the star can symbolize the hope of a new star in the sky, guiding people towards the truth. The stable can symbolize the protection of God and the protection that the birth of Jesus brings. And the angels and shepherds symbolize the importance of faith and trust in God’s plan.
The people who followed the star to the stable can symbolize that no matter how far away, no matter how rocky the terrain, people will still come to accept God’s gift and acknowledge Jesus as their savior.


The message of the Christmas story is one of hope and love that is meant to be shared with the world. It reminds us that God loves us no matter what and will always lead us to a place of hope and redemption. No matter the circumstances around us, we can always look to God and know that in His perfect time, He will bring peace and joy.

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