What 11 Means In The Bible

Numbers are not random; for every number, there is a greater and more spiritual meaning contained within. When it comes to the number 11 in the Bible, the significance is so profound, it’s best to start with a simple explanation.
11 is symbolic of disorganization, chaos, and imperfection. On the surface level, it’s easy to associate 11 with fragmentation and dysfunction. However, the spiritual significance behind 11 is much greater.
In terms of Biblical numerology, 11 is the symbol of divine order. It shows us the perfect balance created by the unity of disorder and limitation. The Apostle Paul once said, “In Him all things were created, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers; all things were created through Him and for Him” (Colossians 1:16). The idea here is that the universe is created through order, but the universe needs limits and fragmentation to exist.
In the Bible, 11 symbolizes the chaotic forces at war with each other, struggling to coexist within this divinely ordered universe. This tension is found in Scripture many times, as God prioritizes His sovereignty above all else. He sets limits on human beings in Genesis 2:17 when He tells them not to eat from the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He also sets limits on the number of days man is allowed to work and rest, and limits the animals He allows humans to eat.
In Exodus 19, God further separates the 12 tribes of Israel, meaning that the left-over 11th tribe was to be seen as the “uneven” ones. The number 11 symbolizes the movement of these 11 tribes away from the perfect 12-tribe structure.
The number 11 can also represent rebellion and evil, as seen in Genesis 6:1-4, where “the sons of God” (angels) give in to their lust for beautiful women and so corrupt humankind.
In the Bible, 11 is always beyond a certain limit and can never be “made perfect” as it is ultimately incomplete. Consider the example of the ten plagues of Egypt (Exodus 7-11). After passing through nine plagues, the tenth can only be completed with the Lord’s intervention. It is only through Him that the waters of the Nile are turned to blood, and only He can make it completely and perfectly so. The tenth plague is thus a representation of the “imperfection” of 11.
At the same time, 11 also symbolizes wholeness and completion. When it comes to the physical world, it signifies the highest divine order. In the Book of Genesis, 11 is the number of members in Abraham’s family, as he and Sarah have 10 sons; Isaac and Ishmael, and their aunt and uncle, Lot and Hagar.
In Revelation 4:11, we see all 11 members of the trinity glorifying and praising the Lord. This passage is significant because it emphasizes the divine unity of 11, rather than the imperfection of the number.
The 11th hour represents a time of desperation, a time where all hope seems lost, but if we look past the physical and consider the spiritual significance, 11 can bring us hope. 11 is the symbol of God’s perfect order, seen within His chaos and limitation.

God’s Responsibilty

In the Bible, God place a great deal of responsibility onto himself. He promised Abraham a great nation, and he made a covenant with him to ensure its fulfillment. A major part of this covenant is that Abraham’s descendants would scatter among the tribes, and 11 is the number the tribes of Israel are divided into. In Numbers 1:18-19, it’s written, “Every male from twenty years old and upward was to be listed, each one after his clan and after his ancestral house, the number of names for each tribe being listed separately.” This shows us that 11 is a representation of God’s responsibility to both Abraham and his descendants.

The Significance of 12

The significance of 12 in the Bible is closely linked to the number 11. The number 12 can seen as the flip-side of 11, as it is the number of perfect, divine order. In Jewish tradition, the number 12 symbolizes completeness. It follows then, that 11 can represent the incomplete and chaotic element within this perfect system. The number 12 is seen all over the Bible, from the 12 sons of Jacob, 12 spies sent to scout out the Land of Canaan, and 12 apostles chosen by Jesus.

The Significance of Jesus

The number 11 is held in special regard when discussing Jesus and his divinity. In John 1:29-31, Jesus is described as the “lamb of God,” which is significant because Jews viewed a single lamb as being perfect in the eyes of God. Jesus is later called the “Lamb of God” 11 times in the New Testament, to emphasize his divinity that sets him apart from 11. It isn’t until Jesus is resurrected that he is referred to as the “Twelfth-Lamb,” which signifies the coming of salvation – a completion of the imperfect 11.

The Significance of 11 Today

Today, the number 11 is still incredibly high in religious symbolism. In Christianity, it is often associated with spiritual life, resurrection, and new beginnings. Symbolically, it can be interpreted to mean the oneness of two separate entities or forces, either in union or opposition. The number 11 can also refer to a special grace from God, as it was used to signify the protection and guidance provided by the Lord to His people.

The Power of Eleven in Spirituality

The power of 11 has also been recognized in other spiritual traditions, such as Buddhism. Buddhists believe 11 is the number of infinite wisdom and insight. It’s also thought to represent the power of impermanence, showing us that nothing in this life is permanent and everything is subject to change. To Buddhists, 11 is the embodiment of the law of cause and effect, as it can refer to the correct path to a better life and spiritual enlightenment.

11 in Astrology

In astrology, the number 11 is representational of inspiration and spiritual guidance. It is said to provide people with the strength and courage to break through boundaries and manifest their dreams. For example, if someone is born on the 11th day of the month, then their chart may suggest that they are poised for great success, as the number 11 brings with it the power of spiritual renewal.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the number 11 represents a spiritual instability that must be aided by the power of one to make it complete. It is found throughout the Bible and in many other spiritual texts, serving as an important reminder of both the chaos and harmony within the universe that can only be brought together by the divine.

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