How To Study The Bible For Beginners


Studying the Bible can seem overwhelming for a beginner. It’s loaded with unfamiliar terms and teachings, and people will often speak from a “scholarly” angle. But don’t be intimidated – understanding the Bible is one of the most rewarding endeavors you can undertake. In this article, we will discuss ways to make Bible study accessible and inspiring for the beginner.

Preparing to Study

Before you begin to study, it is important to have a comfortable, distraction-free environment. While this may not be a period of silence and reflection, it is important to try to keep your space and time as distraction-free as possible. Find a comfortable place to sit, turn off your phone, and clear your thoughts. Additionally, be sure to use a Bible translation that you can understand.

Settings Goals

Setting goals can be a great way to keep track of your progress and stay motivated. Start small – decide to read two or three verses a day, mark favorite verses as you go, and share insights with friends. Once you’ve developed a habit of reading, start setting bigger goals.

Studying Bible Text

The best way to study the Bible is to read it with an open mind. Ask yourself questions – why did this happen? What does this passage teach? How does this apply to my life? Stop and make notes as you read. Take note of any themes or symbols, and ask yourself questions about the text’s context. Keep a journal to record your thoughts and questions.

Studying with Others

Studying with others can be a great way to add perspective to your studying. Invite friends to form a study group, or join a Bible study class at your church or synagogue. Asking questions and discussing scripture with others can help you find perspective and understanding.

Identifying Relevant Background Information

Having an understanding of the historical, literary, and cultural context of scripture can be helpful in interpreting the text. Researching the backgrounds of key figures and characters can give you a greater understanding of events, and looking up unfamiliar terms in a Bible dictionary can keep you from overlooking important details.

Studying Biblical Themes

Tracing the overarching themes and messages throughout scripture can help you get a better understanding of how various stories tie together. Pay attention to popular phrases and figure out how they link to similar concepts in other sections of scripture.

Studying the Bible for Increased Faith

Studying the Bible doesn’t only provide efficient knowledge and wisdom, but it can also help build faith and trust in God. Reading the Bible consistently and attentively can lead to a deeper connection to God, as an individual can develop a more in-depth understanding of who He is. Understanding God and His plan for mankind can strengthen an individual’s faith in His word, providing comfort and assurance.

Investigating Jesus Christ in the Bible

The most important figure in the Bible is Jesus Christ and it pays to closely study His life. By examining the qualities and teachings of Jesus, a reader can become more familiar with the power of His redemption. Jesus’s journey and sacrifice contain unimaginable lessons and insights, and a dedicated study calls for deep reflection of each passage. This can lead to personal identity and self-discovery, along with a greater appreciation for God’s Son.

Searching Special Topical Subjects

Exploring select topics in the Bible can be a way to discover comforting messages and life lessons. It can be helpful to look at common challenges faced by humans within scripture and reflect on how characters in the Bible faced these issues. Oftentimes, these accounts are given specific attention as they teach timeless principles. Build a list of topics or challenges that resonate with you and explore how individuals in scripture overcame those challenges.

Inviting Strength from Others in the Bible

There are a multitude of figures in the Bible that displayed spiritual strength and resiliency regardless of the situation. Studying the lives of Biblical heroes and inspiring figures can serve as an example of how faith and patience can lead to ultimate victory. It’s helpful to think about how these individuals adapted to their environment and what experiences lead them to develop such conviction and faith, understanding how they serve as an example relating to our own life challenges.

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