How To Read The Bible Daily

The importance of reading the Bible daily can’t be understated. It’s one of the main ways to differentiate right from wrong, grow spiritually, and inspire living an honorable and moral life. Through reading the Bible, you’ll always have divine truth to rely on at any time. But reading the Bible can be tough – it’s a thick, large book and its content is dense. A simple way to get into reading the Bible regularly is to break it down into manageable chunks. Here’s how you can begin reading the Bible daily:

Set a Time to Read Every Day

First step to making Bible-reading a routine is to make sure you have a set time in mind. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the time you take your last nap of the day, you need to be aware of when you’re going to read the Bible. Start by picking a specific time each day that’s best for your schedule. The important thing here is that you make sure you keep that time blocked off – if it’s six in the morning, make sure you’re up and ready to read. Spending a few minutes reading the Bible at the same time each day will make it a regular activity for you.

Assign a Setting for Your Bible Reading

One of the most decisive steps when it comes to developing a Bible-reading routine is to assign a specific place in your home where you can spend time reading and studying. This will serve as a cue that it’s time to study and should create an atmosphere in which you can truly focus on what you’re reading. Make sure to have all the necessary supplies – a Bible, a writing pad, a pen – and any other items you think you might need. This way, you do not have to search for supplies and can just focus on studying.

Have a Reading Plan

Another critical aspect of reading the Bible daily is to have a plan in mind. This can be a course of reading that follows along the Bible’s story, a book-length study of a particular Bible passage, or even a one-year Bible reading plan. Just make sure that you understand what it is that you want to read and how quickly you want to cover it. By having a plan to fulfill, it gives a sense of accomplishment every day when you complete a block of readings.

Have an Open Mind

The power of the Bible lies in its ability to reach the mind and soul. The Bible is meant to be taken in with an open, non-judgemental attitude. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by reading the entire Bible in one go – start small and take your time. When reading, don’t be afraid to take a break and out everything you read in perspective before you move onto the next verse. Take note of all verses that strike you, write them down and go back to the same verses time and time again.

Take Breaks & Reflect

Make sure that you don’t read the Bible in one sitting. Give yourself short breaks while reading, then use them to think about and reflect on what you have just read. This will not only make your readings interesting because you’re able to mull on the material but it’s also necessary to allow your brain to process the information. Reflecting on what you’ve read is just as important as reading it. Talk back to the text and try to draw personal insights from it.

Engage Someone Else

Lastly, a great way to stay committed to Bible reading is to engage with other people. You can try talking about what you’ve read with a family member, friend or a bible study group. Having someone to discuss your insights, feelings, and questions will make Bible reading more enjoyable. Additionally, it will also help you get perspectives that you otherwise may not have come across. Bible study groups are a great way to get multiple viewpoints and it is also an easy way to make biblical study part of your day.

Make Bible Reading Part of Your Life

Reading the Bible daily should be seen not just as a task, but something that helps improve your daily life. Make seeing the Bible in your day something to look forward to – reading and consulting the scriptures in a state of joy and anticipation will yield great rewards. Pray for understanding before reading a passage, and take a few moments throughout the day to review something you’ve read and think about how it can influence your life. Taking these steps every day will bring a profound difference to life in no time.

Find a Study or Reference Book

An important step to getting the most out of your Bible reading is to find a study or reference book. Reference books can help shed light on the cultural and historical context of the Bible and provide historical facts, background information and deeper insights. This is helpful especially when reading passages that are foreign or uncertain to you. Make sure to find a book in the Bible that is straightforward and easy to read. The more difficult language and words you encounter, the harder it will turn you away from reading it.

Set Reminders and Accountability measures

Sticking to any plan requires a healthy dose of motivation, and if you want to successfully read the Bible daily, you need to keep yourself on track. Set reminders for yourself throughout the day that will help you keep up with your Bible reading plans. Additionally, you can also set accountability measures with a friend or family member. Having someone to chat with, who’ll ask you how your plans have been going, can be immensely motivating and help you adhere to your plans.

Practice Pause-and-Ponder Method

When reading the Bible, make it a habit to pause and ponder on the verses. As you read, write down the thoughts that come to your heart and mind, such as your reactions and reflections on what you read. Writing down your musings also helps to meditate on the verses and will help you to remember them. If you lack the knowledge of what the Bible verse means, take time and seek answers from trustworthy sources.

Organize & Prioritize

An important part of adhering to a daily routine is to organization and prioritize. Set a special time for studying the Bible and place Bible reading in your list of daily priorities. It is also important to keep your study area clean and clutter-free so that you can study in peace. Have a `To-Do` list that has all your Bible-reading goals so that you can work on them one at a time. Cutting down on daily distractions can make it easier to stick to your routine.

Find Verses that Speak to You

As you dive more deeply into the Bible, it’s natural that certain verses will strike you. Make sure to take time to read them in depth so that you can ponder and think more deeply about them. On the days where you have trouble staying motivated, you can turn to these verses and remember why you do what you do. Writing them down and coming back to them can help make them stick better in the long run.

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