How To Draw The Bible

Materials Needed

Drawing the Bible can be an exciting project for any artist, Christian or not. All you need are a few simple materials like paper, pencils, drawing pens, and erasers. You also need to be able to access bible verses that can serve as reference material for your drawings. Lastly, knowledge of Christian themes and symbols can be beneficial in creating meaningful art.

Bible Research

The Bible consists of multiple books, each containing stories and concepts which you may want to reference in your artwork. It is important to do thorough Bible research and gain an understanding of characters, settings, and stories before attempting to draw. Read the stories that you would like to portray through your work and make notes of any important elements and details. Understanding the historical context of stories is also imperative, so remember to research and learn about historical events as well as religious concepts.

Brainstorm Ideas

Once you have an understanding of the biblical material you choose to draw, it is important to begin brainstorming ideas. Think of the elements that you want to include in your work and consider the artistic style and composition you would like to use. It is important to consider the importance of storytelling and emotion in your artwork. Other than stories and concepts, think about symbols, imagery, and elements from nature that could help to bring alive your artwork and give it added value.

Sketch and Refine

Once you have ideas, the next step is to sketch all the art pieces. This can be done either by hand or digitally, whichever is more convenient for you. Sketching gives a platform for experimentation and it is important to frequently refine the drawings before adding any colour or shadings. Consider different colours and lines and see which would work best for your drawing. By having a detailed sketch ready you can ensure that the final product will be of higher quality.

Mix-Matching Colours

After refining the sketch, it is time to pick out the appropriate colours and shades. Research the colour and tint combinations that were used in biblical times and observe the colour scheme used in other artwork to get inspiration. Sheer symbolism of certain colours can add immense depth to your artwork, and when used correctly can illuminate certain elements in your drawing. It is also beneficial to experiment by mixing different colours associated with the same stories or concepts.

Background Attention

A background has a great impact on any artwork and it is even more important in biblical scenes. You can use different scenery or landscape elements to create an adequate setting for the main event in your artwork. By having a beautiful or detailed background, you can enhance the import elements in any scene. Things such as lighting, smoke, trees, sky, and sunsets can all add to an appropriate biblical scene.

Practice makes Perfect

Drawing can be a tricky skill to learn and it is important to understand that mistakes are part of the process. Mistakes are in fact how artists learn and perfect their skills. Practicing drawing on a regular basis can help you build the skills needed to draw great artwork. By copying and mimicking other artwork, you can better understand and work on the idea of proportions, forms, compositions, and shadows. Over time, you can begin adding your own style to the artwork.

Drawing with Feelings

Bringing out emotion and faith through artwork can be an intimidating task. It is important for the artist to incorporate their own feeling and beliefs into each creation. Drawing the Bible should be an enjoyable process, and it is great opportunity to use personal experience to connect with the artwork. Try to delve deeply into the stories and characters you are drawing and embrace their spirit.

Increasing Perspective

Drawing the Bible can be a great way to analyze biblical stories from a different point of view. It can help you to better understand stories and gain a perspective that you may otherwise not have had. Exploring stories through art can open windows of interpretation, and help break down complex stories into simpler and more comprehendible elements.

Adding Unique Details

Adding personal and unique details to your artwork can be an interesting thing to do. It can create an overall unique and special piece of artwork that stands out from the rest. This could include adding details from other stories or personal experiences, or altering the characters or objects in the scenes. Finding out-of-the-box ways to alter the stories and make them your own can be both interesting and empowering.

Experimenting with Different Drawing Techniques

Drawing the Bible can be a great opportunity to experiment with different drawing methods and techniques. You can explore different media and tools to get a better understanding of which could work better with certain elements in the stories you are drawing. Different drawing methods, such as charcoal, collage, crayon, and watercolour, can all create an interesting and fresh look to the artwork.

Finding Inspiration

Finding inspiration is a key part of developing art, and it is important to keep looking for ways to stay motivated and enthused. Try not to restrict yourself to just one source of inspiration, but instead explore different pieces of art, Christian-themed books and movies, and even nature. The world is full of wonderful and creative ideas, and gaining inspiration from multiple sources can continually bring new and exciting ideas to your work.


Drawing the Bible can be an exciting project for Christian artists, and can bring about unique, meaningful artwork. By researching stories and characters, brainstorming ideas, sketching and drawing, and experimenting with different techniques, art pieces can be created that educate, inspire, and are steeped in faith. Drawing the Bible can be an interesting, enlightening experience, giving new perspectives to stories that are known to Christians everywhere.

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