How Not To Read The Bible

Dangers of Skimming The Bible Content

Reading the Bible is a vital part of every Christian’s spiritual journey. But, reading the Bible doesn’t necessarily mean you are gaining a deeper understanding of it. In fact, too many people are inadvertently skimming its contents and missing out on God’s deeper truths. Here’s what to look out for in your own Bible reading habits and how not to read the Bible.

Common Pitfalls of Bible Reading

One of the common pitfalls people tend to fall into when reading the Bible is that they don’t feel like they can understand the words in their full breadth. This is because the Bible is written in a language that we don’t use in our day to day lives. Therefore, it is important to slow down your reading and take the time to read and digest the verses.
Moreover, many Christians mistakenly view the Bible like a book of laws and regulations, overlooking the wisdom and insight it can offer. Too often, people skip through the content instead of delving into it, resulting in missing out on the wealth of knowledge that God has given us.
Another common issue is reading the Bible with a preconceived idea. It’s easy to start reading with an expectation of what it should say, which can fixate you on the verses that confirm your idea and neglect those which change your perspective. This then can limit the possibilities of discovering God’s deeper meaning.

Avoiding Bible Reading Pitfalls

To avoid these pitfalls, consciously make the effort to read the verses slowly and carefully, taking special note of the nuances of the language, or even listening to audio recordings that regurgitate the verses. Taking on board the language and the context it is used in can help a believer to gain a better understanding of each verse.
Also, studying the Bible with an open heart can produce miraculous results. Challenging what you think you know or pushing yourself to consider a different perspective can open up possibilities for further investigation. Pouring yourself into this process will reward you with limitless knowledge.
The Bible can be studied like an exploration into the depths of the living God, providing an opportunity for personal growth and spiritual journeys. Taking the time to explore the Bible rather than skimming through it will encourage us to draw closer to God and to develop a more personal attachment towards Him.

Using Bible Study Resources

Using online Bible study resources such as commentaries or sermons can be a great way to delve further into the meaning of each passage. It can open up a variety of perspectives on the same scripture that you can further investigate by researching the different points of view. Historical background and context are invaluable in unlocking the full capacity of the passage in question.
Moreover, the Bible contains a vast amount of literature, both in text and form. It contains numerous different genres such as narrative, prophecy, law, poetry, apocalyptic, epistles and parables. It is important to understand the genre that each passage falls under in order to unlock the potential learning within it.

Meditating Upon the Bible

The Bible also contains many verses that can be read with meditation in mind. Taking the time to reflect on the verses’ meaning and exploring its depths can be incredibly rewarding. It can provide incredible perspective and strength to the Christian walk.
Additionally, committing Bible verses to memory can also strengthen this connection. Furthermore, memorising Bible verses intertwined with prayer can be an enriching experience, as it can further deepen the bond with the Lord.
Studying the Bible with a friend or in a group is also a very powerful way to read it. Discussing the truths of the Scriptures with one or multiple people is an effective way to gain insight and support from like-minded people.

Using Bible Study Apps

Moreover, using Bible study apps can prove to be a beneficial tool for studying and understanding the Scriptures. This is because Bible study apps provide a convenient and user-friendly platform by which we can explore the contents of the Bible. In addition, users can gain access to other resources such as commentaries, sermon series and podcasts, while being able to make notes and track their progress. Bible study apps have opened up plenty of opportunities for further learning and understanding of the Bible.

Using Technology To Help Interpret Bible Content

Technology can also be used to help readers interpret the Bible content. For example, geo-location tools can provide insight into the context of the Bible verses. This, in turn, can help readers gain a greater understanding of the text and how it has been shaped by the places, people and events that surround it.
Similarly, interactive visual maps can help us to understand the journey of the persons, people groups and nations in the Bible. It can also help to show the geographical connection between stories, characters and their context, all whilst providing fascinating visuals.

Using Technology To Explore Maps Of Bible Lands

Moreover, technology can provide unprecedented access to the world of the Bible. Virtual reality or 360-degree experiences can offer readers a unique way to explore the lands of the Bible in remarkable detail.
Meanwhile, 3D maps and games can allow readers to explore the cities and lands of the Bible in a more modern setting. All of this provides an almost real-life interpretation of the Bible, rather than an intellectualised one.

Themes To Look Out For In Bible Reading

Many of the books of the Bible share common themes, and so focusing on these as a way of looking more closely at the Bible can be quite useful. One of the major themes in the Bible is the theme of deliverance. We see it in the stories of Joseph and Moses, and even in the life of Jesus.
The Bible also provides several ideas on how to live life as a Christian. For example, Philippians 4:8 exhorts us to think about what is true, noble, right, pure and lovely, so using these verses as a guide can be a really helpful way of interpreting and understanding scripture.
Also, the Bible often shares powerful and often surprising wisdom. Proverbs and Psalms are full of wise sayings that can help to motivate and encourage believers.


Reading the Bible can be a truly wonderful experience if done properly. Taking the time to slow down and explore the verses, taking into account the various contexts and the themes, can lead to a deeper understanding of the Bible and of God’s will. Utilising the best of technology and the modern tools that we have access to is one of the best ways to get the most out of reading the Bible.

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