How Many Words Are In The Bible

The Bible: Just How Many Words?

The Bible contains an immense amount of knowledge, and its words are uttered and written around the world. But exactly how many words are in the Bible? This can be a tricky question to answer depending on which version of the Bible we are looking at.

Word Versions

The original Jewish scripture is composed of 33,000 words and the New Testament is composed of 181,000 words. The two are then combined for the total word count of 214,000 of the King James Version. Of course, there’s no exact answer, as different versions of the Bible may have more words on different occasions. For example, the New International Version was published with more than 788,000 words.

The Number of Chapters

The King James Version is composed of 1,189 chapters and throughout these chapters, the total word count is estimated to be 782,800. This includes the words found in the chapters, verse references and additional chapters. Thus, depending on which version of the Bible has been used, the exact answer is impossible to give.

Power of the Word

A study was done to see the effects of the words found in the Bible and it found that words in the Bible had the ability to heal physical pain, as well as alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. The Bible is filled with powerful words and phrases that can alter one’s physical and mental well being. With so many words to potentially choose from, the healing and transformation power of the Bible has been an area of research for many years.

Word Length Analysis

Interestingly, word length analysis shows that the Bible contains some of the longest words in the English language, reaching up to twelve letters. While studying the word length of contemporary language, linguists have determined that the Bible has the longest words and phrases of any other book.

The Bible Over Time

The Bible has been edited, translated and copied hundreds of times since it was first written. With each edition, publishers have added words and written new content. The first translations of the Bible into English in the 13th century had different word counts to modern translations.

Controversy Over Word Count

There has been some controversy over the actual word count of the Bible and whether it has been accurate over time. It is difficult to trace back to the original manuscript and some claim that the Bible has been knocked down dramatically in its original word count.

How The Bible Was Generated

Polarizing debates have been ongoing around the creation of the Bible. Some believe that authors were inspired by God to write the Bible and others view the Bible as powerful literature written by authors from different backgrounds. Scholars from around the world have compiled their research to determine how the Bible was generated and how it has evolved over time.

The Power of the Bible

The power of the Bible is undeniable. People around the world take solace in the words of the Bible and are transformed by its divine energy. The Bible has spread to many countries, transcending language and culture, and carries a powerful message within its thousands of words.

The Effect of Bible Passages on the Mind

Reading passages from the Bible has been found to have a calming and re-energizing effect on the mind. People are known to report feeling a deep connection with the words in the Bible, as they feel embraced and uplifted by the messages in the text.

The Number of Books

The Bible contains over 66 books, further adding to the astronomical number of words. When all the books are taken into account, it is not possible to give a definite answer on the exact number of words.

Analyzing Bible Phrases

Bible phrases are analyzed for their accuracy, grammar, and internal meaning. Researches have conducted experiments to interpret phrases and word groupings in order to gain a better understanding of the text.

Accuracy of Bible Translations

Due to the fragmentation of words, language and terms, there is a lot of work that goes into faithfully and accurately translating Bible passages. Publishers need to consult scholars and language specialists to gain a full understanding of the words being translated.


Overall, the exact answer to the question “How many words are in the Bible?” is hard to pinpoint. Depending on the version and language, the answer could vary significantly. From studies and research, it is clear that the Bible has a power and wisdom one cannot ignore, and this is why so many people are captivated by its words.


The findings from research suggest that the Bible is a powerful and influential book, full of words and phrases that can calm, empower and heal individuals who take solace in its divine energy. The studies point to the fact that because translations of the Bible vary so much, the total word count remains unknown.

Current Bible Statistics

According to the current studies, the King James Version has a total word count of just over 214,000, while other translations may have more or less words. The maximum of all words in the Bible is just over 782,800 and this includes the words, the chapters and verse references.

The Bible’s Evolution

Over time, the Bible has evolved and changed along with the language, cultures, and modes of communication. What has remained constant is the power of the words and the impact it has had on individuals and on society as a whole.

Translating the Bible

Translating the Bible has been a difficult and extensive process, as publishers need to consider accuracy, grammar, and language to ensure a faithful translation of the text. Many publishers consult language specialists for their translations to ensure quality and accuracy.

Grandiosity of the Bible

The grandiosity of the Bible is seen from its countless words and powerful messages. Its size and many variations have inspired generations of people to delve into its pages and discover its beauty, power, and healing energy.

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