How Long Does It Take To Read The Bible

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Bible reading is one of the great life habits, and it can also be a lifelong pursuit. Reading the Bible is one of the most rewarding and beneficial things one can do. But how long does it take to read through the whole Bible?
That depends on how one reads it and the translation one uses. The average Bible contains about 31,273 verses, so one can assume it takes about the same amount of time to read those verses as it does to cover an ordinary novel of the same length. Reading the Bible in its entirety could take anywhere from 70 to 90 hours or more, provided one reads it in a rather intense and focused way.
Most people approach the Bible differently. Depending on the particular habits and obedience level of the person reading it, completion of the Bible could be completed in as little as three months or even as long as it takes one’s entire life. In order to keep up with the intensity of Bible reading, some people may choose a one-year timeline, while others might opt for a longer timeline that is broken into smaller chunks. In any event, the length of time it takes to read the Bible is totally dependent on individual preferences and habits.

Importance of Reading the Bible

Reading the Bible is one of the most meaningful and life-altering experiences. It brings calm reflection and self-awareness and leads to improved concentration and self-discipline. The Bible has incredible transformative power when read and applied to our lives. It can provide profound comfort, guidance, and support in times of distress.
The Bible contains ideas, words and phrases that are taken for granted. It challenges the reader to reflect on and internalize moral values and ethics that the world has largely lost track of or forgotten. Reading the Bible allows us to access timeless wisdom that can make us better people and tap into strength that carries us through difficult times.

Reading Techniques

One of the most successful reading techniques is to break the bible down into smaller chunks and tackle a few verses at a time. This will help one feel less overwhelmed and keep up with a consistent reading habit. Devising a timeline and daily reading schedule may also be a useful strategy if one wants to be sure to have all their readings finished in a certain amount of time. One can also make use of audio bibles and other accessible versions that can help break down the different sections of the text.
Reading the Bible can also be done as one reads any other book. Some people prefer to read any book page by page, taking things in order and getting to the end of the book before reading it again. Others prefer to break the book down into sections, and try to sink into each section, understanding and interpreting it as one reads each page. The best way to read the Bible is to find something that works with one’s own reading style.

Benefits of Reading the Bible

Reading the Bible offers countless deep and meaningful benefits. It brings greater clarity of thought and profession of faith. It offers a way to connect with as well as find solace in our faith. Bible reading can also foster physical health, distancing one from unhealthy habits and vices and helping in avoidance of potential dangers. Additionally, it can bring emotional healing, peace, and joy in times of difficulty. Reading the Bible is also a great way to boost one’s knowledge of faith-filled and inspirational teachings.

How To Find Time To Read The Bible

Finding time to read the Bible can be challenging if one has a daily jam-packed and demanding schedule. One of the best ways to make time is to stick to a routine. If one is consistent, it becomes easier to keep up with the readings and stay on track with one’s goals. It is helpful to set aside a specific time during the day or night when one can spend some time in reflective contemplation, or take five to ten minutes to read Bible verses at random.
Another useful strategy is to make Bible reading part of one’s daily routine. For instance, one can incorporate Bible passages during moments of prayer, or read a Bible passage when breakfast or dinner. This may be done either in the morning or evening, whichever works better for the particular lifestyle.

Methods of Memorizing Bible Verses

Memorising Bible verses is a great way to deepen one’s faith and devotion. One effective method of memorizing Bible verses is to continuously read them until they become second nature. Additionally, one could organise handwritten notes of Bible passages one finds particularly importantor meaningful. Breaking down longer articles or verses into chunks also makes them easier to memorise.
Another helpful method of memorising Bible verses is to use a verse or passage as a thought for the day or take a few minutes to meditate and recite a single Bible verse. Trying to teach those verses to oneself or to others is a useful way of memorising them as well. One can also make use of flashcards or other visual aids to help them remember the verses.

How To Understand The Bible Better

Learning to read and understand the Bible is a process and it can take a long time to achieve a strong understanding of its teachings. One of the best ways to understand the Bible is to meditate and pray for clear understanding. Additionally, one could keep a prayer journal to track the progress and record insights gleaned from Scripture. One can also read commentaries and Bible studies geared towards providing more in-depth analyses of different passages.
Gathering in groups to read, dissect and discuss the Bible is also a great way to bring a new perspective to one’s understanding of particular passages. Experimenting with different translations could also help broaden one’s understanding. Lastly, it is important to understand that faith and trust in God is the main key to finding true understanding of the Bible.

The Fun Of Reading Bible Together

Reading the Bible together with family or friends can be an extremely rewarding experience. It allows for shared conversation, supportive discussion, and exchange of understanding. It creates opportunity for discussions that strengthens family and social bonds. Having someone else to hold one accountable is also a powerful tool in keeping one’s faith on track.
Reading the Bible together can also be made into a fun and exciting interactive activity by incorporating various activities such as quizzes and puzzles that provide a fun way to engage with the text. Taking passages from the Bible and using them to create fun scenarios like a theater play or poetry slam can be enjoyable and inspiring. Playing Bible board games or engage in Bible-centric activities that involve competing in Bible trivia and the like can be an entertaining way to delve deeper into the text and have meaningful conversations.


Reading the Bible is a lifelong journey that can take anywhere from three months to a lifetime, depending on habits and preference. It brings countless meaningful and life-altering benefits and is as rewarding as any other book. With so many accessible and interactive ways to explore and engage with the Scriptures, a successful journey of Bible reading is possible!

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