How Do Dinosaurs Fit Into The Bible

Dinosaurs have been perplexing experts and philosophers alike since they first came to light in the 19th century. Many theories have been raised over the years in how dinosaurs were created and where they fit into the Bible. In the Bible itself there is no direct mention of the word ‘dinosaurs’, however there are references to behemoth and levithians that could be referring to dinosaurs.

The Bible says ‘God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves with which the waters abounded, according to their kind, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw and it was good’ (Genesis 1:21). This could encompass some of the sea creatures, including some of the dinosaurs that we know today such as Plesiosaurs. Furthermore, later in the chapter it says ‘God created the beast of the earth according to its kind, livestock, creeping things, and beasts of the earth’ (Genesis 1:25). Therefore it can be argued that dinosaurs are also among the things ’created according to their kind’.

Experts have proposed numerous theories on the inclusion of dinosaurs in the Bible, with one of the more popular theories being that dinosaurs were present alongside humans within biblical times. This theory has been advanced thanks to some of the evidence uncovered in archaeological sites such as those discovered in Jeremiah 46:22 where it can be seen that a ‘Dragon’ or ‘dinosaur’ is included in the imagery found on an ancient wall. Furthermore, in Job chapter 40 there is an account of the Leviathan, which some suggest may refer to a sea monster such as the Mosasaur. It could be interpreted that the description is one of a dinosaur.

Another theory that has been proposed is that the dinosaurs may have existed before biblical times and their remains were seen by the ancients and mentioned in the Bible. This is based upon a theory of a world-wide cataclysmic event in which the dinosaurs were wiped from the earth. In the Bible, 1st Peter 3:3-12 references Noah’s Ark and this is seen as evidence for this theory which coincides with the story of Noah’s Ark in Genesis. This theory has been debated among experts for decades, with the overarching conundrum being where God fits into the equation if this indeed were what did occur.

It is evident from the research done that whether dinosaurs existed alongside humans in biblical times or were destroyed before them, they still fit into the Bible. It could be argued that they were designed by God as part of his grand design of life on earth and are referred to in the Bible in more subtle ways. It is clear that more evidence is needed to conclusively say exactly where dinosaurs fit in the Bible, however due to the symbology found both in archaeological sites and within the Bible, they certainly can not be excluded.

Dating of Dinosaurs in Relation to the Bible

Experts have been researching the dating of dinosaurs in the Bible for decades, particularly looking at the age of the Earth which is referred to within the Bible. Radiometric dating has helped us understand the timeline of dinosaur existence in relation to the age of the Earth. The Earth is estimated to be billions of years old according to most current research done by experts from a range of disciplines. It is thought that the age of the Earth is further validated by the sheer number of species of creatures, including dinosaurs found in the fossil record.

The age of the Earth is referred to in the Bible in 2 Peter 3:5, where it says ‘for a thousand years in Your sight are like yesterday when it passes by’. While there is a difference of opinion on this verse, with some believing it references the amount of time God is marking in the universe, others have hypothesized that it is a reference to the age of the Earth being around 6000 years. While this would mean dinosaurs had to have been created within that timeline, most evidence suggests that this cannot be true. It is thought that the width of this verse could be referencing the Earth’s age overall, or that it does not necessarily apply to the age of Earth at all.

It has been argued that scriptures such as Psalm 104:5 further explain the age of the Earth, whereby it states that ‘He established the Earth upon its foundations, so it will not be moved forever’. This could be seen as a way of God affirming that he designed the Earth and its timeline in such a way that there will be evidence of creatures and inhabitants dating back millenia in its fossil record.

From the evidence gathered, it would seem that the age of the Earth in relation to the Bible involves more than a linear timeline. While the Bible does refer to a timeline of sorts, the sheer number of creatures, including dinosaurs, that have been found in the fossil record would seem to indicate a much older timeline for creatures than that suggested by some interpretations of the Bible.

The Debate in the Scientific Community

The debate in the scientific community as to how dinosaurs fit into the Bible still rages on today. On the one side are foremost experts who claim that due to the sheer amount of evidence in the fossil record and the age of the Earth, dinosaurs existed long before any reference to them in the Bible. This theory is backed up by the evidences from archaeological sites, where creatures such as dragons and those that may have been dinosaurs have been seen in the symbology.

Other experts have proposed a combination of theories, with one of the most popular being that some dinosaurs did exist alongside man during certain biblical times and due to one of the world cataclysmic events, dinosaurs were wiped out before biblical references to them were made. This theory can be seen in 1st Peter 3:3-12, where Noah’s Ark is referenced as an escape from the flood that killed off all the other ’creatures of the earth’. While this could coincide with what we know about dinosaurs, there are still those who disagree and maintain that dinosaurs did not exist during any tier of biblical times or even before them.

Experts have not yet come to a consensus on where dinosaurs fit into the Bible, however the evidence gathered from a multitude of poets and philosophers together with experts from a range of disciplines does suggest that dinosaurs may have had some relation to biblical times. Whether this is true or not, will be debated for many years to come, until more conclusive evidence can be found.

Evidence from Ancient Artworks

The evidence from ancient artworks, including those found in the Bible has been instrumental in helping experts piece the puzzle together. For example, in Job chapter 40 there is an account of the Leviathan, which some believe to be a description of a creature that could have been a dinosaur. Furthermore, in Jeremiah 46: 22 there is a wall containing some imagery which could suggest it is referring to a dinosaur.

Moreover, ancient clay tablets which have been excavated in various regions around the world have been date back to 2500 BC which have symbols of creatures that could have been dinosaurs. The presence of these ancient artworks around the world suggests that interest in dinosaurs or similar creatures existed before the Bible was written. The ancients may have recorded actual creatures such as dinosaurs in artworks or simply myths and legends about them.

Moreover, the most signifcant evidence to come out of the research done on ancient artworks has been that of dragon motifs. There have been numerous examples of dragon symbolism found around the world in ancient carvings and works of art, many of which could easily be interpretable as being dinosaurs.

Overall, the evidence amidst ancient artworks, particularly those in the Bible, suggest that creatures such as dinosaurs may have existed in some form before the Bible was written. Whether they were referred to in subtle ways, or the ancient artworks were simply inspired by mythical creatures is yet to be agreed upon.


In conclusion, while there are numerous theories in regard to how dinosaurs fit into the Bible, it is evident that there has been no conclusive answer yet. The age of the Earth as referenced in the Bible could be one indicator as to the timeline of dinosaurs’ existence, however the sheer number of creatures found in the fossil record and the evidence from ancient artworks may suggest a much older timeline for creatures than indicated in the Bible.

The debate is still ongoing within the scientific community and there is no clear answer yet as to how dinosaurs fit into the Bible. However, evidence from archaeological sites, ancient artworks and various other sources have all lead to the conclusion that dinosaurs have some importance yet to be understood. Further research into the matter is needed in order to conclusively answer the debate and thus determine the role of dinosaurs in the Bible.

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