How Big Were The Watchers In The Bible


The Watchers are referred to many times throughout the Bible, but their exact identity and size remain largely unknown. Most interpretations of the Bible describe these mysterious spiritual beings as “angels” or “archangels”, but their exact size has been the subject of much debate. Whatever their size may be, it is clear that the Watchers had an important role in the Bible’s early chapters, and were considered important enough to be mentioned frequently. In this article, we will discuss how big the Watchers in the Bible were, as well as explore some of the prevailing theories as to their size and origin.

What Are The Watchers?

The Watchers are mentioned at least nine times in the Bible, and play a prominent role in the books of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and 2 Esdras. Although their exact identity remains a mystery, many scholars believe the Watchers to have been powerful angelic entities, who have been tasked by God to observe and sometimes protect human beings. Their appearance is generally described as “hierarchs” or “princes,” and is usually accompanied by awe and fear.

The Watchers are sometimes referred to in the Bible as “guardians”,“measurers,” or “overseers”, and the Book of Enoch, a rabbi’s re-interpretation of the Hebrew Bible, refers to them as “fallen angels”, suggesting that they had at one time held positions of power and authority in Heaven. This interpretation has been further explored in Catholicism, where the Watchers are often revered as pre-earthly patrons of the human race.

The Biblical Texts and the Watchers

In the books of Isaiah and Ezekiel, the Watchers are explicitly identified as “angels”, and are referred to as having great power, although their exact size is not specified. In the Book of 2 Esdras, the Watchers are described as being very tall, with “faces like that of a lion and a man”, suggesting that they are capable of assuming various forms. In The Book of Judith, the Watchers are described as “chariot-like in appearance”, and some sources interpret this to mean that the Watchers possessed a large and powerful physical form. The Book of Enoch mentions the Watchers traversing Heaven like birds, suggesting that they may have been winged.

In addition to the biblical texts, there are some apocryphal writings which explore the role of the Watchers in more detail, such as The Book of Jubilees, which suggests that the Watchers were placed on Earth as an extension of God’s authority and to suggestively act as messengers. Other apocryphal sources describe the Watchers as benevolent protectors, who work together with God to care for and guide humanity.

Theories about the Size of the Watchers

One of the most popular theories about the size of the Watchers is that they had the capacity to change their form and shape, and could easily assume the size of the human form. Some theories even suggest that they were able to take on the form of a giant, giant-like being. These theories come primarily from references to the Watchers in apocryphal texts, but are not verified in the Bible.

Other theories suggest that the Watchers were of a much larger size, possibly as tall as 30 feet in height. This theory is often referred to as the “Giants Theory”, and is usually supported by sketches in some Jewish literature which depict the Watchers as giants with large wings. Although this theory is often disputed, supporters argue that it is the best explanation for why the Watchers in the Bible are not given specific size measurements.

In contrast to the “Giants Theory”, some scholars have suggested that the Watchers were much smaller in size, roughly the size of a man or woman. This theory stems primarily from the fact that the book of Daniel describes the Watchers as appearing “without hands and without feet”, suggesting that they had no need of humanoid form or size. Supporters of this theory argue that the Watchers were able to assume the form and size of a man or woman when necessary, but otherwise remained small and unassuming.

The Role of the Watchers in the Bible

The role of the Watchers in the Bible is unclear, but it is generally accepted that they were created and sent by God to watch over humanity and report back any wrong-doing or sins. This concept is supported by various passages in the Bible which refer to the Watchers being sent to Earth as “guardians”, and later being held accountable for their actions by God. On the other hand, some interpretations of the Watchers suggest that they were much more involved in the protection and guidance of humanity, and actively helped humans in their moral development.

The role of the Watchers is also the subject of much debate among scholars, with many differing opinions as to their exact purpose and capabilities. Some argue that they were essentially sent as messengers between God and humanity, while others argue that they were more actively involved in helping humans to live in a moral and righteous fashion. Regardless of their exact role, the Watchers remain a mysterious and powerful presence in the Bible, and serve as a reminder that God is always watching and caring for His children.

The Significance of the Watchers

Despite their mysterious nature and lack of specificity in size, the Watchers remain a significant presence in the Bible, and an important symbol in many religious traditions. Their presence is often interpreted as a reminder of God’s watchful eye, and many believers use the Watchers as a source of comfort and assurance that God is always watching over us. Furthermore, the Watchers provide a crucial example of the power of faith and obedience, and often serve as a model of how believers should live their lives.

Furthermore, the Watchers provide a valuable source of religious symbolism and imagery, and can serve as a source of inspiration for spiritual contemplation and meditation. As previously mentioned, the Watchers are sometimes referred to as “guardians” and “overseers”, and believers often use this symbolism to remind themselves of the importance of faith and obedience, and the power of prayer and worship.

The Question of Size

The Watchers in the Bible remain a mysterious presence, and their exact size is difficult to determine. Although there are numerous theories as to their size, it is impossible to ascertain the exact size and form of the Watchers without a direct reference in the Bible. Ultimately, the size of the Watchers remains a mystery, but regardless of their size, they remain an important symbol of God’s watchful eye and the power of faith and obedience.

The Origin of the Watchers

The origin of the Watchers is also debated among scholars, with some suggesting that they were originally an angelic hierarchy created before the beginning of the world, and others speculating that they were a superior race of beings from the spirit realm. The exact origin of the Watchers is impossible to verify, but many scholars believe that they were created by God to watch over the children of Israel and to be a reminder of His righteousness and mercy.

In addition to their symbolic role, the Watchers were also believed to act as a protective force, who guided and provided support to the Israelites during their journey through the wilderness. This likely explains why the Watchers are mentioned so frequently in the Bible, as their presence implied the protective presence of God and the promise of divine guidance.

The Nature of the Watchers

The nature of the Watchers is difficult to determine, but some scholars have suggested that they were benevolent beings who sought to do their duty in service of God. The fact that they are mentioned in the Bible alongside other angelic beings, such as Gabriel and Michael, suggests that they may have had similar characteristics and qualities. Despite our lack of knowledge about the nature of the Watchers, it is clear that they were important figures in the Bible, and were created by God to watch over and protect the people of Israel.

The Watchers also remain a significant presence in many spiritual traditions, and are often seen as symbols of power and protection. In some traditions, they are seen as divine protectors, who guide and protect believers from spiritual harm. In others, they are seen as messengers, conveying the wisdom of God and reminding believers of the power of faith and obedience.


The Watchers are a mysterious presence in the Bible, and the exact size of these spiritual beings remains unknown. Despite this, the Watchers remain an important figure in many religious traditions, and are seen as symbols of power and protection. They are also seen as a reminder of God’s watchful eye, and are used as a source of comfort and assurance for believers. Regardless of their size, the Watchers remain a significant presence in the Bible, and serve as a reminder of God’s presence and protection.

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