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The Bible Continues, is a drama series by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, a followup to their 2013 miniseries The Bible. The series is a continuation of Sunday night’s hit, following the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It follows the aftermath of Jesus’s resurrection and the journey to explore how the new faith flourished in the face of initial hardship, opposition and lack of understanding.
The cast of The Bible Continues is an impressive group of talent from around the world, all hand-picked by producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett. While the intimate drama required mostly unknown actors, Downey and Burnett saw the value in sourcing some of the series’ more established stars from across the pond.
The cast of the series is lead by British actor and former Doctor Who star, Christopher Egan, who plays the role of the lead character, Jesus. Egan was chosen early on as the face of the series, and his casting quickly became the buzz online.
The role of John, Jesus’s best friend and confidant, is played by Australian actor, Paul Nicholls. Nicholls has experience playing in drama series, having been in the cast of the hit UK teen drama Skins for four seasons. His portrayal of John depicts a heart-broken, yet loyal friend of Jesus.
Juan Pablo Di Pace plays the role of Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist. Di Pace is no newcomer to the small screen. He has been seen in US television dramas such as Dexter and Dallas.
Babou Ceesay plays Peter, an impetuous fisherman who eventually finds faith in Jesus. Ceesay is a Britain-based actor whose work includes roles in projects like EastEnders and Casualty.
Sebastian Knapp plays Jesus’s father, Joseph. Knapp is one of the few British leads in the series, and has spent his career performing in movie, TV, and theatre productions across Europe.
Other cast members include Janet Suzman, María Grazia Cucinotta, and Fabrizio Pizzuto playing other key roles in the series.
Each cast member has added a unique element to the series that resonates with viewers. From Egan’s stoic Jesus to Nicholls’ vulnerable John, to Cucinotta’s unfaltering Mary Magdalene, the cast have brought new depth to the characters and a sophisticated level of drama to the small screen.
Collectively, the cast of The Bible Continues have breathed life into the characters and their stories. Their performances have proven to be a big part of the success of the series, which has already been renewed for another season.

Behind the Scenes

The cast of The Bible Continues shot the series in Morocco, where the production team built an entire Roman-era village and cityscape for the series. In real life, the talent bonded over evenings at the local kasbahs, getting to know each other, and supporting each other’s performances.
Although cast members had different levels of experience in the industry, they all committed to the same goal of creating a successful and entertaining series. They brought their charm and captivating personalities to their respective roles, and with the incredible film locations and set designs, they were able to recreate a realistic version of the Biblical time period.
Speaking of their time on set, Egan mentioned that he thoroughly enjoyed himself, and was gifted with a special friendship with Di Pace, who played John the Baptist. He said, “We made an agreement early on that if they wanted us to do any crazy hours, we’d check and help each other out…And we became a proper team and just had the most amazing time.”

Critical Reception

What sets The Bible Continues apart from the 2013 miniseries is its emphasis on the narratives of people who are Christian, but were not converted in an instant by Jesus. Instead, the characters meet Jesus and experience doubt, confusion and limitations.
The Bible Continues has been praised by fans and critics alike. Critics have praised its ambition and intrigue, and its attention to detail. It has also been credited as a valuable source of entertainment and education on the Bible.
Speaking of the series, Egan told reporters,”I think it’s something that’s quite extraordinary, because I think part of it is the religiosity of it… When I read the scripts, I thought it was actually really quite witty and with a sharp tongue, and quite modern in that regard – so I felt like a priest, telling these religious stories. It was great”.


The Bible Continues has had an impressive catalogue of awards since it first aired. In 2015, Egan won the Young Artist Award for “Best Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries or Special – Leading Young Actor,” while Cucinotta was awarded with a prestigious Christopher Award for “Outstanding Television Feature or Miniseries.” Additionally, Ceesay won a Screen Nation award for his performance.
The Bible Continues continues to encourage viewers to explore and discuss Jesus’ resurrection and its impact. With millions of people across multiple countries watching the series, it remains one of the most successful retellings of the Bible’s greatest stories.

Media Impact

The Bible Continues has provoked stimulating conversations in regards to portraying and understanding the Bible, representing Jesus, and exploring faith in the modern day and age. The show is providing viewers with an engaging and modern interpretation of the Bible, and an opportunity for Christians, skeptics and non-believers alike to question, interpret, and draw their own conclusions.
There are a number of key aspects of the show that are resonating well with viewers. Critically, the show discusses important Biblical themes of justice, mercy, and forgiveness in a respectful, yet accessible manner. In addition, the show provides numerous narrative angles, allowing viewers to see the story from multiple perspectives.
Speaking of the series, Burnett said, “The Bible Continues ultimately transcends entertainment to become a movement that informs, engages and ultimately enlightens viewers. We feel honored to be entrusted with such a powerful message.”
This is further reinforced by Faith Driven Consumer, an organisation which polls and surveys people of faith. Their findings have highlighted the positive reactions of Bible faithful in regards to the series.

Legacy and Future

The Bible Continues has had a tremendous impact on millions of viewers across the world. It has become a symbol of hope and faith – not just for Christians, but for anyone in search of something greater.
The success of the series has paved the way for its upcoming chapters, which are likely to further expand upon the popularity and reach of The Bible Continues. It will be interesting to see how the series progresses and how its audience expands.
One thing is certain: the cast of The Bible Continues have each demonstrated their talent, charisma and commitment to the project. And with their performances pushing the series to new frontiers, we can expect the success of The Bible Continues to continue.

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